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78 thoughts on “What is the Optimal Vitamin C Intake?

  1. Based on the life we live today full of pollution, toxins and geo-stress 2000-3000mg a day should be good and pair it with MSM(organic sulfur) for rapid detox/alkalizing purposes. For regular daily intake 250-500mg a day from whole foods should be enough.

  2. So what if the body absorb 100percent.. if the body can absorb more than it kind of evidence that it may the optimal..,let's give someone 2000 and see how much the body absorb and maybe this is the optimal dose

  3. Stop talking like that it's fucking annoying.
    Can I not receive this good information without having to listen to this weird pausing and rising and falling in tone please.

  4. Vit C supplements are acid. What if they were a Magnesium salt of the ascorbic acid? That is what I do. Maybe the fruits and veggie C is a salt, not an acid? I also eat half a grapefruit per day, which can also be alkalized with MgO.. Also, vit C supplements are notoriously unstable. Does MgO make them more stable?

  5. so 4 times 15 is 60 for 1 orange, and about 89% of the c vitamins get absorbed until the blood is saturated. i guess 4 oranges a day then, 240 and 90% of that is 216, which is slightly above 200, and remembering 4 oranges is easy.

  6. what about orange juice? there's mentions about possible harm from the "sugar", but what about 100% orange juice, nothing else added? would that be safe to consume?

  7. What about the Linus Pauling Institute and their long time research. This is really interesting, but I've heard such compelling research and results of short term high dose vitamin C therapy for certain health issues. Long term, def not good for GI flora if in acid form I'd think.

  8. Visit the NutritionFacts.org website! There are short videos to address most any nutrition question imaginable, including those below.

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  10. "Table 1. Bioavailability in 7 healthy males at steady state for each dose."
    Too few test subjects, not double blind, only one sex, and narrow ranges to name a few of the many limits of this study to form any conclusion.

    You ignored what else the first study said:
    " These RCTs show that vitamin C supplementation lowers hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and Helicobacter pylori infection, which are independent risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers."

    You then used Yizhou Ye, Jing Li, and Zhongxiang Yuan study which counters the study you first mentioned done by the Linus Pauling Institute

    You don't get to pick and choose what parts of a study support your conjectures; that is the confirmation bias fallacy, not science.

  11. Good info here. On a whole food plant based diet, you pretty much just stumble onto this recommended amount of vitamin c each day without really trying. Some food that are high in vitamin c include the following: bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwifruit, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, and papayas….(the list goes on).

  12. What I want to know is what was going through the minds of the nine people who give this a thumbs down? Who could really honestly have a problem with this?

  13. I always questioned the supplements I buy that have like 6000% of the DV.
    I wondered is it harmful? Is it a waste? Any benefits?
    Thanks Doc, this was enlightening.

  14. Hey Dr. Greger! My cousin and I both have the autoimmune disease sjogren's syndrome. After reading your book, How Not to Die, he decided to go vegan and has felt significantly better. I am about to follow his footsteps and see if it helps with my health as well. Could you make a video about sjogren's syndrome, the causes, and the best diet/foods to help it? Thank you so much for your work.

  15. What about cell concentration level? Animals that dont produce their own get about 30mg (NATURAL) vit C per kg bodyweight per day through their diet. It must come in combination with natural cofactors like polyphenoles etc. to enable proper absorbtion and utilisation.

  16. Question. Does taking it in one dose vs. multiple doses change anything. I just wonder if it would change if you break up the doses like you would meals.

  17. This may have already been stated, in Aus about 95% of the population fail to eat the RDI for fruit and vegetables – it's not good.

  18. Thank God I am RAW and I don't have to think about any of this. No supplements in my diet, just fresh food. Thanks Doc, love your videos and information.

  19. Please do a video on the Raw diet!!! And also, are plants better medicinally than cough syrup or aspirin? (and other common cold medication)

  20. it would be interesting if Dr Greger would do another video on vitamin C and incorporating research and clinical trials (maybe not the correct terminology) conducted and or cited by the vitamin C foundation. They indicate reversing cancer with intravenous therapy of high dose sodium ascorbate; as well as reversing heart disease and reversing diabetes with vitamin C alone.

  21. Very useful info; please do more of these "What's the Optimal Level of X, Y, or Z According to Research" videos! TFP : )

  22. I, heretofore, had a lot of respect for Dr. McGregor. This video however is way off the mark. In just a 3 minute video, Dr. McGregor has completely dismantled the work of Dr. Linus Pauling.

    Since Pauling's death, the medical establishment has reclaimed the scientific position with a series of experiments on vitamin C. In particular, the NIH measured the distribution of vitamin C in the body and claimed that Pauling was wrong about the need for high doses, as the blood could be saturated at low doses [Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 93, 3704-9.]. They added that doses higher than one gram were potentially dangerous. From this point on, the high dose vitamin C lobby were on the defensive.

    If the body could be saturated at low doses, the argument went, higher doses were simply a waste or even potentially dangerous. However, clinical reports of the utility of high dose vitamin C had been repeated in the literature for over 50 years. These reports continued, particularly in the fields of heart disease, infections and cancer, contradicting the NIH conclusions. Either the clinical reports of the efficacy of high doses were incorrect, or the NIH experimental work was flawed.

  23. Bought your book today! Figured it was the least I could do for all the great, free info you provide in your videos. Thanks so much!

  24. I really dont like this "Dr Gregers head walking" in the video. It is about the facts, not the presenter. Also I feel like it gives away so much of the seriousness of the videos. I don't like to share these videos anymore, cuz it just doesn't feel like science anymore (and the first impression is really important to people) but rather some doctor wanting to present himself. It makes me sad to see these newer videos. Unfortunately Dr Greger must have had a lot of bad advisors (or rather fanboys) lately.

  25. I will reiterate what others are saying about ascorbic acid not being the same as Vitamin C, ascorbic acid is produced by bacteria in a factory while natural Vitamin C is produced by a plant. Ascorbic acid is an organic acid but it doesn't have the same properties as the Vitamin C found in fruits and vegetables. I prefer to eat natural instead of taking a supplement.

    Here are a few ways to get 200 mg of natural Vitamin C:
    15 oz of orange juice
    7 oz of lemon juice
    2 cups of broccoli
    4 oranges
    1 papaya
    2 cups brussel sprouts

    Another point is you should split the 200 mg into two or more servings per day, for example I have a glass of orange juice with breakfast and a cup of broccoli with dinner.

  26. My searches have indicated a cup of orange juice has just 124mg of Vitamin C…Obviously not enough C for the day even in an entire cup of OJ, a ''cup'' which I'm assuming is 8 ounces…WOW, not nearly enough C for the day there in that OJ…lovely. Anyway the "ascorbic acid" in most supplements is NOT real Vitamin C, I read awhile back it's only ONE EIGHTH the molecule of Vitamin C, it's garbage, so overall with just those two factoids mentioned above, no wonder most have colds and such in the Winter, most of us are simply not getting enough C in the first place.

  27. I highly doubt the linaer increase of the graph regarding the vitamin C intake after 200mg. It also doesn't correlate with his sentence before "You body will just pee or poop it out if you take too much." The y-scale is already quite huge, so you want to tell me that I can induce myself a stroke if I heavily overdose vitamin C? I really like this channel but some graphs seem way to handy. This seems like a simple curve fit done with Igor Pro or a similar program. The 95% confidence interval also suggest that the fit was pretty mediocre.

    It also doesn't correlate with what he wrote on his homepage regarding the success of intravenous vitamin C treatment: "Studies in the 70’s appeared to show an extraordinary survival gain in terminal cancer patients with vitamin C". Did all those patients die of stroke afterwards or what?

    Strange video overall. Funny enough he also did not list that study in his link.

  28. May differ in a point, the intake of vitamin C needed depends of the requirements of the vitamin (remember that's a cofactor of collagen) that varies between individuals. Without any pathology and if you are between the age span of the study is 200 mg a day, with pathologies it rises and a rises a lot. So the basal need may be 200mg but not the therapeutic need. See a great book called Ascorbate, by two biochemists phd Hillary Roberts and Steve hickey.


  29. high dose vitamin C has been shown in many cases over the last 80 years to cure many diseases. A much better way of asking the body how much vitamin C does it need is to take vitamin C up to bowel tolerance. when the body is sick it can not only handle 20 gram per day but that dose can cure viral infections within days. when the body is healthy bowel tolerance is only a few grams per day.

  30. I'm Caucasian, so I should get around 20 minutes of noonday sunshine under ideal conditions. Take a stick and if the shadow is longer than the stick you won't be getting any vitamin D from the sun. I would say the optimal place to get your vitamin D is in the mountains of Quito, Ecuador.

  31. 200mg per day is a close number for adults but recent studies have shown 3mg per kg of weight is more accurate. So a 30kg(66lb) child should get 90mg while a 80kg(176lb) adult should get 240mg.

  32. What doesn't make sense is that this video says that if someone takes 1250mg of Vitamin C the body absorbs only 46% of it. Sorry, but I did the math and 46% of 1250mg is a lot more than 200mg.

  33. Absorption by the intestine might simply be due to osmotic or similar reason. Just because the body can't absorb more doesn't mean consumption has reached its healthful optimal level. It just means that supplementation becomes less efficient, and like you said, the excess is excreted in the stool. Maybe we need to explore time-released version, or taking smaller doses repeatedly. The body can store at least six months worth (the time it takes for scurvy to appear when properly pre-loaded). So the upper concentration in the blood could just as easily mean the excess is being stored in tissues, rather than merely excreted in urine.

    If we're really only supposed to have an intake of 200 mg per day, then why in the world do goats make 13,000 mg in their bodies every day, and even more when stressed? The huge amount of Vitamin C generated per body weight in most mammals strongly suggests that losing the ability to make Vitamin C is a significant shortcoming only minimally mitigated by being able to consume, store and recycle Vitamin C by various mechanisms.

  34. Dont listen to this shit advice. The sicker you are the more C your body needs. Another doc gave advice to administer 50 grams of intravenous C to a relative the hospital in new Zealand was giving up on / in coma about to die. The patient rapidly recovered once megadosing of intravenous C started but not before the hospital tried desperately to drop the C down to One gram in hopes patient would relapse. Took an attorney to force hospital to continue. Patient walked out two weeks later. Doc said he once gave docs against C the benefit of the doubt but no longer does so. Says the docs would rather patients die than go against the established anti C peers

  35. What about vitamin C in orange juice? Is that a “supplement” to the body or taken as a “whole food” to the body?

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