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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

There are plenty of reasons to quit drinking
alcohol. Perhaps you can’t party as hard as you once
did, maybe you’ve developed a beer belly, or maybe your drinking is starting to get
out of hand. “Hey look, if I was drunk, would I be able
to do this?” Whatever your circumstances are, you’re here,
and you’re ready to kick the sauce. Let’s break down what happens to your body
once you quit drinking. Withdrawal The withdrawal process varies depending on
how much of a drinker you were before you stopped. Your body and brain have to adjust to you
no longer putting a powerful substance in it anymore. Your brain altered its chemical balances in
order to work with a regular intake of alcohol. Now it needs to readjust for life without
it, and you may feel all kinds of changes, such as an increase in body temperature, a
rise in blood pressure, sweating, tremors, and insomnia—all happening as the body settles
into a new norm. If you’re a heavy drinker, the detox process
is much more serious on the biological level. It could be fatal if not treated correctly,
so when you’re ready to stop drinking, seek professional medical help. You’ll Sleep Better You may have thought you slept well when you
were drinking, but that’s not quality sleep—it’s more “passing out.” Ending your intake of alcohol restores the
brain’s healthy, normal alpha wave patterns. Alcohol interrupts those patterns and makes
the brain tell the body it’s awake, which makes for less restful, restorative sleep. Without alcohol, your brain knows it’s asleep,
and stays asleep. With better sleep, your concentration, mood,
and mental acuity will improve, and you’ll feel like a million bucks again. Weight Loss If you stop drinking and change nothing else
about your diet or level of activity, you’re likely to lose weight. It’s partially the simple concept of calorie
counting—alcohol, especially beer, contains a lot of calories. “Ah thank you. God I love you.” A single IPA may have as many as 200 calories,
while a margarita could have 300. If you reduce your caloric intake by hundreds
of calories a day, the pounds will drop off over time. “Aahh!” Aaah! Aahh! Oh! I’m thin!” Plus, you’ll overeat less. Being intoxicated sends the hypothalamus in
the brain into higher gear, which makes the body more sensitive to food smells. That, combined with alcohol’s famous ability
to remove inhibitions, leads to extra eating. Better Skin Alcohol is a diuretic, forcing water out of
the body and decreasing the production of a hormone that helps the body absorb and hold
water. This is why you need water during a hangover. Over time, less water in the body leads to
noticeable effects, such as parched and dry-looking skin, rosy red cheeks, dandruff, and eczema. After kicking the sauce, you should see a
vast improvement in the quality of your skin. Normal Blood Sugar Alcohol is like a blood sugar randomizer:
while small amounts of alcohol can raise your blood sugar level, excess amounts can lower
it, leading to hypoglycemia or even type II diabetes. Luckily, blood sugar levels often normalize
when alcohol is no longer a factor, so no more need to pound all that candy. Lower Cancer Risk The National Cancer Institute has linked heavy
drinking with an increased risk of several cancers, among them: mouth, liver, breast,
colon, and rectal cancer. Without alcohol in the body, that’s one less
carcinogen to worry about, which is a pretty good reason to celebrate. (Hold On by Wilson Phillips playing) Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to tell us about your
experiences with giving up alcohol…

100 thoughts on “What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

  1. You wont feel sick all the time from hangovers- and you wont have to feel like an idiot from what you did when you were drunk.
    And you wont be a nasty stinky drunk
    -and i quit drinking 20 years ago

  2. This is like a video of all of the reasons I have never and will never drink alcohol. Ever. Aside from the fact that it ruins lives. That's a good reason too. I'm 27 and never had a drop. Also for all people in the comments saying they've been sober good for you for having some will power to not destroy your and other's lives. While I have no sympathy for the stupidity of your previous actions, I am glad you stopped. My dad never did and I was beat, raped, and tortured for the first nine years of my life. There is no excuse. I hate ANYONE who is stupid enough to drink on a soul deep level. Especially if they throw a whiny bitch pity party about how they "want to stop" but never actually try. Either find the will power to stop or do your loved ones a kindess and disappear from their lives before you destroy them. Yeah, that was dark and full of rage, and will most likely be deleted but the truth 'aint pretty.

  3. I'm almost 4months sober, sleeping worse, I'm more depressed, I started getting suicidal thoughts, panic attacks more often…. Sobriety sucks.

  4. Want some genuine facts here I smoke green n drink everyday with a bit of coke n speed here n there ik I'm fucked health wise but I am on my way to ditching the coke but what's like the permanent damage here u know like how fucked am I I'm 19 goin on 20 been working since I was 16 my backs fucked my hips are fucked my chest n lungs are fucked from smoking cigs just how fucked am I lads

  5. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I was drinking about half a gallon of vodka per day.

    I started using heroin…..cleared that shit right up! NOT ONE WITHDRAWAL!


  6. Alcohol Withdrawal is the most dangerous side effects you can have that’s why many people end up in the ER you can even have tonic clonic seizures I would know because I was one but after that it was the greatest thing I ever did but do not take with drawl lightly it can be very dangerous

  7. If this video is supposed to be encouraging to quit, then WHY THE HELL does this video keep interrupting itself to show people having fun being drunk?! You’re sending mixed messages.

  8. I drank heavily for months after particular hard break up. After finding myself drinking entire bottles of red wine by myself; I heated what I was becoming and slowly changed. Went a hole year without drinking to focus on myself. Best thing I ever done! I do drink casually again but, much less since taking that year off.

  9. If you drink a glass a wine a day, you won't have all the withdrawals that you mentioned and it's beneficial to your health. Alcohol is only bad when it's abused, like anything.

  10. 6 months sober….. and I’m hanging in there… Life without alcohol is strange…… But I feel great physically… Still adjusting..😊👌

  11. It gets healthier, but if you were drinking to get dopamine because one of your normal human needs is missing in your life you then have to fullfill that need😎 or get mentaly sick

  12. Typically hard long term drinking, the person will lose weight due to less food consumption, as the alcohol becomes their food. Yes, you can drink more and more beer products and gain weight, however once addiction sets in, beer will turn to liquor, and liquor will replace food.

  13. I will admit to feeling like a million bucks but I still can´t sing like Julie Andrews. Maybe its because I am a dude. ´´…….silver white winters that melt into…..´´ shit. I´ll just take it down an octave.

  14. The worst thing is solitary drinking don't do it don't ever get too close to someone that does. A couple drinks at a bar doesn't matter if you are able to have ONE.

  15. I used to be a daily drinker. Now I only drink during special occasions/holidays. I've lost 9lbs since December not even trying. Not overweight, but I'm not complaining lol.

  16. Trying, cut down 90%. What helps is talking with them (those?) I care about. Sometimes I have sober dreams (asleep) that seems talk to me. I sometimes react like walking. What ever. I think the best is to communicate. The less secret, the less problem

  17. I can’t do anything responsibly. I’m either all or nothing. I quit smoking, drinking, and gambling. There’s no such thing as in moderation for me. So I axed the whole fucking thing. It’s for the best.

  18. Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.
    -W.C. Fields

  19. A wise man once told me that weed heads never start trouble, it’s always the alcoholics. I’m 2 weeks sober. when I was drunk, I hated people. and now I love everyone

  20. Alcohol withdrawals are no joke. The withdrawal symptoms, depending on how much of a person's life they spent drunk, could be worse than heroin and cocaine withdrawals. People can have arrhythmia, seizures, DT's, and in some cases can even die. Of course, this will only happen if you're an alcoholic. If you drink heavy on the weekends to "party" and are able to go a couple weeks without a drink no problem, there's really no issue with quitting.

  21. I’m so happy I got all my drinking out in high school… just the thought of even a sip of wine makes me wanna puke. Alcohol is literally poison.

  22. Im 41 days sober,I ate badly bindging on lollies and biscuits that made me very sick.its hard but better than the poison.

  23. 5 weeks sober and going strong!!! The key is to keep yourself busy by working towards a better life. Stay sober my friends.

  24. I've literally lost all my friends and family from alcohol. Alcohol has ruined my life and my name. So I'm currently 3 weeks sober and I feel awesome. Everyone gave up on me but God. It's funny cause God is showing me lots during this process. God is showing me what a true friend is. God has come into my life and removed all the bad elements and replaced them with major blessings. So in turn I have to change to be a really good friend back to God. I'm done with the alcohol part of life and SOOOO ready to see what the non-alcoholic part of life has to offer… 💯

  25. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink once in a while, just don’t let it take over – I know it’s easier said than done, but very doable

  26. I still cant get over how this poison is legal and marijuana isn't. The government has totally pole fucked us all

  27. this is propoganda its NOTHING wrong and unhealthy to drink responsible, Truth is not all should drink, some can depends on depression and mentality.

  28. I'm RETIRED, and I dedicate my time to drinkin'. Everybody gotta DIE SOMEDAY of SOMETHING….mightaswell DO IT having FUN😈🍸🍷🍻🍺🍹

  29. In order to stop drinking is by remembering the pride you had. Start becoming the alpha you once were. Think of alcohol like a liberal that does nothing but keep you down because they're miserable. So many ways to think about.

  30. It's been a week or so and it's the worst thing I've ever went through, I'm 17 and I drank every week/weekend and now it's all I wanna do, right now I'm very warm, feeling sick and feeling faint, I want it to stop, I haven't slept in 4 days and I'm just wrecked….

  31. In 1984 I knew I had a problem I quit for a while start quit start quit
    I later went on to hard drugs
    Jail got me off all in 02
    I sometimes feel like I could drink but my doctor put me on powerful anti depression meds
    In 03
    This med was used for depression and maintenance.
    I couldn't drink again because it's not interest and make me sick
    They don't use the med anymore.

  32. I find myself losing more weight when I drink beer on the daily. Plus i look healthier when i drink.. do whatever feeds your soul.

  33. I can’t even drink one beer, my head starts pulsing like crazy and I get a crazy fucking headache ☠️

  34. also 99% of people in the comments are alcohol addicts or just plain drink to die fucks. just letting the 1% out there know there's nothing wrong with casual end of the day chill drinks especially after a hard day at work.

  35. BS on the weight loss claim. I regularly drank 1 and a half to 2 cases of beer a week. A nd , not the sissy boy 12 oz cans. No, these were 17 oz cans of Polish beer . Did not lose even 1 pound.

  36. normal drinks: coca cola pepsi diet cola irn bru lilt pepsi max 7 up dr peper fanta sprite
    POISON DRINK: alcohol
    POISON thing? idk: drugs

    dont do drugs and dont drink alcohol or you will be stupid

  37. Excellent Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried – Saankramer Life Card System (do a search on google)? It is a great one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at last got excellent success with it.

  38. It Feel's Great, I Do I Do 😊😊😊 & I'm on My 3rd Day but I'm not Going 2 Quit, Never I'm in This for the Rest of my Life…Thanks for your Video!!!❤❤❤

  39. anyone else get really nostalgic when they drink? i wonder what that is… all of the sudden, i'm remembering/drunk dialing old friends and looking up songs i listened to in my youth and recalling how great they were.

  40. Quitting drinking is tough(as if u didnt know) if you cant get valium. Try tapering over 5 days. Say u drink 12🍺 day 1, go 8 on day 2 then 6, then 4 and 3. P.s ❤ U😇

  41. 16 days today, not completely stopping but it was getting I was drinking most nights after dinner and more on weekends. I am resetting and doing 40 days, then I will only drink on occasions and or once a week at weekends. First 5 -8 days were difficult, now it’s easy and I’ve lost 8lbs in to the bargain.

    These videos help me keep focused.

  42. ive been quit for 3 month and thx for all the videos that helped me so much the first 3 weeks was horrable but have a hoot and see what really means more dieing or living if anyone wants help ive been threw it dont know i can help but know its nice to know people that went threw the same im shane peters on facebook would love to help number 15 red jersey thx

  43. I’m almost 3 weeks into cutting beer and liquor out of my life and I feel like a completely different person. I’ve taken up weightlifting and cardio and I drink nothing but water, sparkling drinks, and protein shakes. I’m well rested in the mornings, and I’m always looking forward to the next days schedule of either lifting weights or going for a 3-4 mile run. I want absolutely nothing to do with alcohol even if family is drinking. My stomach is slowly shrinking, and it feels sooooo good not to look bloated and pregnant anymore 😄! Stay strong people and don’t let anyone interfere with your progress. If they give you a hard time, than they don’t need to be in your life anyways! 😎

  44. I still to this day drink 1-2 beers every day and I'm still perfectly fine and in the best shape of my life still weighing 140 pounds, plus I eat whatever I want whether it's junk or healthy I still never gained any pounds over 140, plus the last time in last week I got checked out by my doctor, my doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me and that my health was in perfect condition and very healthy. So this video shouldn't apply to those who drink 1 or 2 beers once a day, it should only apply to those who abuse alcohol or drink just straight hard liquor everyday, but the beer drinker that aren't alcoholics and that actually drink to enjoy responsibly it shouldn't apply too.

  45. I'm on day 3 and I'm staying strong not drinking anymore. I got to the point when I drink I would need a heartburn pill everytime I'm done with the shit

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