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What should I eat to get pregnant fast? | Nourish with Melanie #103

A fertility diet can help to boost your fertility,
in fact, a study of over 17,000 women found that making just 5 dietary changes boosted
fertility by a whopping 69%! So, if you’re wondering what you should eat to get pregnant fast, stay tuned! Hey, my name is Melanie and I’m a fertility
and prenatal dietitian. A nutritious diet can significantly boost
your fertility, so if you’re ready to conceive, download my free fertility meal plan from
www.melaniemcgrice.com/fertility, and make sure that you try these 5 dietary tips: Number 1: Eat foods which have a low glycemic
index. Foods with a high GI such as sugar can cause
inflammation that damages your eggs. Instead swap to lower GI foods. Swap white bread for multigrain or sourdough,
swap dates for prunes and swap corn chips for corn on the cob. Number 2: Optimise your fat ratio. The traditional Mediterranean Diet has a fat
ratio of 1 bad fat for every 1 good fat. The typical Western diet has a fat ratio of
18 bad fats for every 1 good fat. So, limit foods high in unhealthy fats such
as chips, chocolate and biscuits, and include plenty of healthy fats such as fish and nuts. Number 3: Increase your intake of plant proteins. Having more plant proteins in your diet naturally
improves your fat ratio. The study found that swapping just 25 grams of animal proteins with 25 grams of plant proteins every day, boosted
fertility by 50 per cent! So it’s an important strategy to consider. Number 4: Ensure that you’re getting the right amount of folic acid for your needs. You may be taking a supplement that contains
folic acid, but did you know that some women need more than others? Ensure that you’re taking the right amount
of folic acid for your needs by checking your personalised requirements with a fertility
dietitian. And, finally, number 5: Choose full cream
milk. This one always surprises people, but the
study found that full cream milk was more beneficial for fertility than low fat milk. Researchers believe that it may be a compound
called IGF-1 which may be making the difference. There’s more IGF-1 in full cream milk than
in skim, and it’s believed to assist in implantation and early growth and development of the embryo. So, let me know in the comments below, which
strategy you’re going to focus on first. And, remember to download my free meal plan. Best wishes with your baby making, and make
sure you let me know when you conceive! For more fertility nutrition tips, I look
forward to seeing you in my next video!

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