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What to do if signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency while supplementing?

Weston Holzinger says what are your thoughts
if signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency persist unless consistently taking upwards of 75 milligrams
a day, gluconate form already watch for phytic acid intake make sure it doesn’t conflict,
have not done plasma zinc. Well you should do plasma zinc. Also you know I kind of wonder whether you’re
taking that right. So if you’re taking 75 milligrams of zinc
like at one time then it’s not surprising because you’re absorbing like seven of those
milligrams and the rest you are not. If you actually are doing this in a way that’s
going to maximize the absorption, which would be to take them as far apart as possible,
as close to an empty stomach as possible in doses of ten milligrams or less, or if you
can’t get doses that small then 15 milligrams. You’re doing that and the signs, the deficiency
persist they’re persisting when you’re taking that then they’re probably not zinc. If they’re persisting until you take that
and it goes away then either you aren’t absorbing the zinc well or you’re not taking it right. Those are the two things. And if you’re not absorbing it well it could
be a general malabsorption disorder, something causing loss of bile, or a polymorphism or
genetic impairment in a zinc transporter, or low methylation which can affect zinc transporters.

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