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What Your Cravings Really Mean | Sugar Cravings After Meals And Healthy Alternatives

– You’ve just eaten a nice
healthy meal of real food and you drink your water
and then it kicks in. That little or big sudden
craving for sugar after a meal or maybe you’ve just had
a long meeting at work and you can’t stop thinking
about that apple pie from the bakery all the way home. Have either of these scenarios
ever happened to you? Let me tell you, it’s happened to me. In this video I talk about what your cravings really mean and why you have sugar cravings after meals, including healthy
alternatives when it kicks in but before I continue, I wanna
challenge you to something. It’s one of our most
successful programs out there and it has helped thousands
of people lose weight and get their health back on track. So click the link below if you’re ready to experience the same results today and join the masses of Code Red Rebels. So let’s talk about sugar
cravings after a meal. My personal opinion, a
lot of us were raised to have dessert after our
meals, I mean come on, think back when our moms made us dinner, if that’s what your moms did or your dad and had an apple pie
waiting for you after meal or maybe some brownies, maybe some Rice Krispie
bars, something sweet. So we are conditioned
from a very young age to always have dessert after dinner. That is a terrible habit and
not a good way to go to bed. Look, it’s gonna take some reprogramming but this is a mental thing. So you can absolutely not
have dessert after dinner. In fact, Code Red Rebels
don’t even eat after 6:30, so if you are having a dessert after that you’re really setting yourself up for a stalled weight loss or
even a gain the next morning. But if you absolutely insist
on having something sweet after dinner, make sure it’s not past that 6:30 time and try to
go for something sugar free, like sugar free jello or maybe just a strawberry
sprinkled with some Stevia or how about some berries
with heavy whipping cream? That will at least satisfy that craving and help get
you through the night. So I know personally, after
I do a big Code Red event, I always crave sugar and I gotta tell you, more times than not I have given into it, can I just be honest with you? I’m just gonna be straight
up, real and honest with you. I am so stressed out, I am so worn out, I have absorbed everybody’s energy, everybody’s stories,
100s and 100s of people, I’ve given them hugs, I have cried with them and I’m absolutely maxed out. That is a recipe for
disaster, learn from me. I know you’ve experienced it yourself, that is recipe for disaster. You’re already worn out,
you’re already worn down, you’re probably dehydrated like
me, and then you have sugar, yeah, not good and then
what you do is send yourself into a cycle of sugar cravings and spikes and dips in your blood
sugar levels, not good. Take it from me, avoid this at all costs. It will do your health
no good if you give in to that sugar craving. Try to have some safeguards in place, try to make it to where
you don’t have access to a convenience store
or you don’t have access to some late night bar
or something like that. Try to make sure that you
know what you’re doing, like for me, after an event, I have safeguards in place
to get me right to my room. My mom takes me, we do not pass go, we do not collect $200,
we go straight to my room. I am not allowed to stop anywhere. My pajamas are ready, my
sleeping pill is right there. I have a routine set in
place to keep me away from the sugar because I want
it, just like you want it but I know I really don’t want it, I’m just craving it in the moment. Also studies have shown that
if you’re craving sugar, that is a very strong indication
that you are low in sodium. So I would strongly suggest that you get a good quality
salt like a Redmond Real Salt or a Himalayan pink salt. Put it in your water, put it on your food, ingest it in an apple cider
vinegar drink, something. Get that sodium up so that
you don’t crave the sugar, that will help. Sugar detox is a lot like drug detox and I am not kidding when I say this, they say that sugar is
eight times more addictive than heroin, so coming
off the sugar is gonna be similar to coming off the drugs. Expect fatigue, expect massive headaches, expect mood swings, expect wanting to sleep longer than usual, expect waking up feeling
drained, feeling tired. Again, add that salt to your water, add that salt to your food. That’s gonna help with
withdrawal symptoms and hydrate, sleep and hang in there,
you will get through this. The worst thing you could
do is reingest more sugar and start the process over but understand, you’re looking at four to
seven days of this misery but for the majority of people when they wake up on day eight, they feel like their fog has
lifted and they feel fantastic, that’s gonna be you so hang
in there, get through detox. With this information, if you wanna continue eating sugar and never reaching your weight loss goals, I can’t help you but if you
want to kick the sugar out of your life like a bad
habit that it is, listen up! So how do you quit sugar? What can you even expect? Job one is going through your kitchen and getting it out of your house. I promise you it’s not a
matter of if it’s a matter of when you are going to crave it and if you have it
easily accessible to you, you will give in. Will power aint enough, I like to say. So you’re gonna wanna
get it out of your house. I like to do things cold turkey, so going from four Pepsi’s
a day down to zero, that’s what I like to do
but studies have shown that people have better results when they titrate themselves down. So go from four Pepsi’s
a day down to three, down to two, down to one,
try to get yourself off of it slowly, you’re choice, you can titrate or you can go cold turkey. So what happens when those
sugar cravings kick in? Well first of all, add more sodium, add it to your water, add it to your food. Make sure your sodium is nice and high. Next, you can use a sugar alternative. What Code Red, what we endorse
is monk fruit and stevia, raw organic stevia, yeah I know, monk fruit is an herb
and stevia is a plant, those are the two
sweeteners that I endorse, you can add them to
things and help you get that sweet craving that you’re looking for but it won’t sugar insulin. Before this video ends I want to tell you about my own personal experience
with my addiction to sugar. I know they’re a lot of people who think that Code Red is easy for me or that my journey was perfect but that could not be
further from the truth. In fact, I had such a
bad addiction to sugar that I used to eat an entire pound of peanut M&M’s every
single night before bed, yes you heard that right, every night. I needed to address
what was really going on and that meant I had to dig
down deeper into the issue. I was in a very high stress environment and it was getting out of hand. I began seeing a therapist and from there on out I started
to make positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle. I can’t stress this enough,
sugar addiction is real and it’s one of the leading causes of obesity and a slew
of serious illnesses. I’ve experienced it and I know that you’re in that boat right now. I’m telling you that there are a lot of resources out there that can help you. If you’re ready to dig deeper and start making positive changes, I want you to click the link below for the Code Red 10 Pound
Take Down Challenge. It’s gonna help you with
that with first step to taking control of your life and kicking that sugar addiction for good. If you liked this video,
give me a big thumbs up and better yet, subscribe to my channel, that way you’re informed
when I release a new video but listen, comment below, I wanna hear, what do you do when you
experience a craving for sugar? Comment below and I’ll
see you on the next video. (gentle upbeat music)

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  1. I started drinking keyto chocolate collagen and I mix it with hot water I feel like I’m having a hot chocolate and of coarse my shot of heavy whip cream made with monk fruit! Yum!

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