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What’s inside Chinese Baoding Balls?

(cultural music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan.
They were in Shanghai, China. – We came all the way to
China to see this place. We’re here for 24 hours but
we wanted to come around, and experience the culture, and
see what China is all about, and of course, we got something
that we wanted to cut open. We got these balls that are called Baoding ball, bow-ding balls. In China, they might call
’em Chinese medicine balls or iron balls. There’s a lot of different
names that they use for ’em but I remember growing
up, I saw these things, and I thought of ’em as,
like, meditation balls, and people would say that if you take ’em, and put ’em in your hand, it’s like an exercise ball for your hands but then it’s also has
this little noise inside, almost sounds like bells. You hear that? (bells jingling) – Oh yeah. – You would feel more peaceful and calm. – Buzz. Was that helpful? – Yeah, that bee noise helps. Thank you. You keep going with that.
– [Lincoln] Buzz. (Lincoln shouts)
(Dan laughs) – Let’s take a look around
and test these things out, and see if they bring some
peace to us, and calm to us, and then we need to cut them open, and see what’s inside of ’em. – [Dan] Let’s get out of here. – [Lincoln] Yeah. (footsteps) (regal music)
– I don’t know what’s happening but they
say that they’re playing the Chinese national song, and
these people just walked up, and the music started playing so we will respect that for a minute. (speaks in Mandarin) (speaks in Mandarin) (playful music) We had a good time in
China with these things, and it’s nice to be back home. The temple was great. Going to the park, and
seeing those people out there was incredible, like these
Chinese people in morning, they go, and they just work out, and exercise, and dance to music, and– – It’s cool. – It’s pretty cool. That’s a great exercise, and
it’s great sense of community. I really, really enjoyed that. Chinese have a few things figured out. They’ve been around for a long time. They have deep traditions and cultures so you know, we have these guys, and we’re gonna cut ’em open. How’s that for fancy? I just put these paper in
here to keep it in place. That’s so safe. Whoo! (hip hop music) – [Lincoln] Well, we
kind of got it. (laughs) – [Dan] It kinda jumped
out and spun around ’cause this is so safe right here. Look at that. We got a chunk out of it, the metal parts that we’re getting. It’s almost like the
plastic cover’s coming off. Okay, we changed it up a little bit. The glove in there just because the paper
could catch on fire. I just thought of that with the sparks and then also we’re just
not keeping it in there so here we go. (hip hop music) – We are so close. – Ow, it’s so hot. There’s like melted
plastic on the outside. Oh, it’s smells like
fingernail polish. It’s nasty. (bells jingling) – I think that I should
throw it at the ground. I think that would be really cool. – [Dan] Throw it to the
ground and get it open? Okay, Lincoln decided he just
wants it thrown on the ground. I think this is like pent-up
from the bowling ball failure when he threw it on the ground. He wants to do it again
so let’s see the ball. You got it. You got your safety gloves on. Lincoln’s gonna throw it
right there on that rock. (bells jingling) Did you get it? – No, it cracked! Look at all that plastic pieces I got off! Oh, look at all the metal now. – [Dan] Now it’s just a metal ball. Can you pull it apart with your fingers? – No, it’s tight in there
’cause of this part. – [Dan] All right. All right. – Are you sure I can get
that? Look how close that is. (Dan shouts) – [Dan] It’s not. – That’s scary. Oh, you’re so close. Oh yeah. – [Dan] Oh, we are inside.
– [Lincoln] It’s not a bell. – [Lincoln] It’s a metal
ball, it looks like. – [Dan] Welcome to the inside. (laughs) (bells jingling) Are you surprised by that? – [Lincoln] Yeah! – [Dan] Marble?
– [Lincoln] I’m so surprised! – [Dan] Take a glass marble, and then just some little wires inside. – [Lincoln] That’s crazy
’cause I really thought that it would be a bell. And on the backside of this,
there is just like little bits of the pieces left. (bells jingling) – [Dan] There’s some kind
of metal springs in there, and then a glass ball. That’s so interesting! I love it! That’s a cool one, right, Lincoln? – Yeah! – You shake these things, roll ’em around. You hear the bells. They make you happy. You feel confident, comfortable,
relieved of your stress. We took an adventure to try ’em out. We cut open those Baoding balls and– – Saw what’s inside. – Yep, and it was an adventure. That was an interesting one. Thank you for suggesting that. Please let us know what else
you’d like us to cut open. Let us know in the comments below whether it’s on Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, we’re all on those
things and What’s Inside, and we love hearing from you guys. (light music)

100 thoughts on “What’s inside Chinese Baoding Balls?

  1. I squeeze my baoding balls for tension relief, I can also twirl them side to side clockwise anti clockwise & upside down. It takes some practice though, sometimes a steel ball slips out my hand & on the floor, my mother always jumps downstairs & asks me wtf I was doing.

  2. "We wanted to experiment chinese culture…in 24 hours…" and the only thing they went for is to open a pair of balls…typical U.S. lightweight world appreciation. What a POS video and channel.

  3. chinas pretty cool too bad ill never come because of the plastic rice and 12 year old piss eggs and not to mention the damn dog and cat meat festivals

  4. Baoding balls are used sometimes for the elderly so there supposed to make you live longer(if there the real ones that are supposedly blessed)

  5. That was a cloisonné chime ball. It’s hand made and each image is applied by hand, and there is a lot of time spent making every piece, they have a high standard for perfection, meaning any slight defect at the end, will mean it won’t go on to be sold. If you go into the cloisonné factory, you can see them being made. Maybe they will let you visit for your channel.

  6. I looked it up in Wiki and it shows a cut open ball with the Marble and a spring chime that resembles the negative contact spring in a DC battery compartment of some electronics only with much larger gage wire. The chime is spot welded to the inside of one half then tuned.

  7. 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜It’s Music,it balances the Body!If you concentrate an them!As people get older they can’t not do any exercise,so they move there Energy to get more Energy flowing!!You are Creasy to cutting those wonder Healing balls open!Now no way for Healing you self!No thank you,want nothing to be cut open!Thats Mann,let’s see what’s inside,no problem to break it,ha ha ha!

  8. Great video! I just bought a set of Chinese Iron Balls as a gift for a friend. Now, he and his son do not have to cut them open. Mystery solved! Thanks!

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  11. That marble would be good for a collection!
    I see people continually breaking spray paint cans for their marbles, but not baoding balls! I call these people Klangkugelöffners.

  12. i have the exact same baoding balls with a chunk of the outer layer gone just like when you guys first started to cut it

  13. "…in China they might call them Chinese Medicine Balls…" really? do you think that's what they call them in China?

    Also, I have a pair of balls that I gently fondle to relax myself.

  14. it probably stunk like nail polish because the outer shell is most likely acrylic. You guys sould probably use dust masks just to be safe some of that stuff can be very nasty if it gets into your lungs. As you guys do this a lot I'd get some good dust masks and maybe cut open one to see what is inside the cartridge of one!

  15. All the way to China for 24hrs??? Seriously??? Wow……… you can't "experience" much of anything in 24hrs.

  16. Can you cut open my brothers head? I'd love to know what keeps him alive! He's just really weird and I'd really like to know what is operating him!

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