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62 thoughts on “What’s the “Natural” Human Diet?

  1. I'm a huge fan of Veganism and vegetarianism – I agree it's the best way to go

    But this idiocy of pretending that we are not adapted to eating meat or that meat isn't healthy has to stop

    Europeans ate almost nothing but meat for almost their entire evolutionary history – they were hunters and lived off of animal fat, with perhaps the odd berry or wild tuber

  2. Where I'm from (NW Europe), humans ate practically nothing but meat for around a million years – they were in ketosis living off of animal fat all that time……

    That's all there is to it really

  3. I really like Dr Gregor and have aTON of respect for him. I think that there needs to be more studies done on wild meat also known now as "game". The nutritional composition from what I understand of "wild animal" meat and farmed meat is significantly different.

    Wild animal meat tends to be extremely lean, with some animals meat having no fat at all since they live VERY active life styles. They also tend to have significantly more nutrients and a high omega 3 to omega 6 ratio compared to farmed animals.

    My ancestry goes back to Ireland and England and they have long winters and my ancestors had to hunt for their food but berries, green leafy vegetables, and starches were available as well.

    If I had too take a wild guess the diet my ancestors followed within the past 100,000+ years was wild meat mixed with starches/green leafy vegetables and berries when available as more or less a snack.

    I just don't see how one could survive in England or Ireland year round living off the land with no agriculture eating primarily fruits and vegetables (including wild, not farmed, starches).

    One Elk could provide enough food for a family to get through a winter. Fishing is also very easy as well and is a good way to get food.

    Digging deep all around for small wild tubers most of the day and trying to feed your family off of that along with green leaves on trees does not seem possible to me nor optimal when you have Elk and other large animals to hunt and eat along with fishing.

  4. Except that our body produces a lot more amylase, the enzyme that deals with starchy foods. So apes can't eat bread, rice, potatoes and other starches and legumes but humans can. Because of the enzymes.

  5. My low carb taught me to eat broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peppers and salad.  Yes, there is also meat, and being from WI, cheese.  However, it was a swap from rice, potato, noodles and bread for lots of veggies.

  6. Um, I have a newsflash for you: you would die a lot more quickly of protein deficiency than you would from scurvy. Also, we are not great apes. They might be our closest genetic relative, but we're very different species.

    I'll leave this here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/sorry-vegans-eating-meat-and-cooking-food-is-how-humans-got-their-big-brains/2012/11/26/3d4d36de-326d-11e2-bb9b-288a310849ee_story.html

    But a particularly interesting part is this: "One study, published last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, examined the brain size of several primates. For the most part, larger bodies have larger brains across species. Yet humans have exceptionally large, neuron-rich brains for our body size, while gorillas — three times as massive as humans — have smaller brains with one-third the neurons. Why?

    The answer, it seems, is the gorillas’ raw, vegan diet (devoid of animal protein), which requires hours upon hours of eating to provide enough calories to support their mass."

    But, you know, go on thinking that the Lakota were following the bison herds so they can find their prized broccoli feeding grounds.

  7. So just because we need vitamin C, we're suddenly herbivores? XD
    We are omnivores, aka made to eat both. Anything other than that is unhealthy

  8. That's been our diet for 2.5 million years, but humans have been raping each other  for maybe about a millions of years,so yeah the 2.5 million year thing doesn't excuse eating meat.

  9. Ok, So what's your solution? You've given me a bunch of credible facts, but how much greenery should we be eating? How should I implement this healthier diet into my western lifestyle? Don't raise the issue without providing a reasonable solution. This video just serves to give me anxiety when I go to eat my next meal.

  10. our ancestors were Adam and eve, I hate when people belief on fake theory and think is a fact, stop the ape nonsense

  11. You should do a video about cancer after the diagnosis, prognosis and antioxidants. There is at least a paper that suggests a worse prognosis with a high content in antioxidants and prostate cancer

  12. Bwaa-haa-ha,,, the screw up is in his claim that humans have the same, unchanged physiological digestive systems… WRONG… we don't have the JAWS to properly digest that GreatApe diet that he insists is our best… with its paltry 600 mg of C

    So go out and get yourself a masticating 'juicer' and put all that herbacious stuff in there b.c otherwise you won't get the benefit from the apes' diet… heck, even carrots don't release all their great resources unless they're masticated… MILD cooking releases more than just raw and un-masticated… but apes don't cook so that further deviates from the ape's example…..

    Evolution doesn't always produce your best chances and opportunities, it's just a gamble and humans managed to survive but WITH POOR HEALTH,,unlike the wild animals ALL OF WHOM PRODUCE ASCORBATE (vitamin C) USING THE GLUCOSE IN THEIR DIETS… LIKE GOATS, about our size on average, with a normal calm day's production of 13,000mg (not the FDAs 100mg rotfl)… that's why they don't get heart disease, that's why their mommas don't suffer as humans at birthing…

    Furthermore, those goats and other wild ones, can RAMP up that C-production to TEN TIMES THAT 'NORM' IN A CRISIS… yet humans are precluded from getting C (preservative free) even in the EMT scene, the ER or ICU either… thanks to the FDA who makes the rules for preservative-free C from the COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES that the FDA wants to crush..

    But don't worry, the rest of creation that makes its own C to crisis levels when needed will be the only survivors from when ALL THE FOOLS BUILDING *uranium* NUCLEAR REACTORS (to get easy WMD) THAT WILL ULTIMATELY FAIL WHEN THEIR GREEDY OWNERS FACE THE COST OF REHAB FOR DECREPIT 50 YR OLD NUKES… as we have seen who manages to get along in the forests around Chernobyl… wild animals, NOT HUMANS…..

  13. Apart from the human aspect of natural diet im not "not vegan" or vegetarian, our food supply today is so contaminated both meat and veg, early humans did not have to worry about that as much as long as they were not eating animals that were dead very long. I hate how veg and meat folks argue amongst one another were all the same people trying to find the path to a good life don't hate on each other

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  15. Yeah this disproves the whole finding fire and cooking food and meat so our brains got bigger then those of the gorillas and apes.

    Next video GREGER will disprove the big bang because it doesn't conform with the vegan ideas!

  16. B.S. apes chimps anyway eat meat when they can get it, I had a pet macaque monkey and if he raided my chicken salad, he ignored the veg and ate the chicken,

  17. Back to the evolution thing. That's where your theory falls flat. Evolution is a hypothesis. It cannot be proven, at least in the lifetime of a single person, or for that matter, in all of recorded human history. Trying to use that theory / hypothesis to prove the paleo or plant diet is ridiculous. How about what works while we we're alive today?

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth .

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  19. Hold on the Inuit tribes survived for generations on almost 100% meat based diet so to say we would die with out plant based diets is horse shit.

  20. human diet depended on the climatic situation where they lived!! Not many vegetables or fruits in the northern hemisphere! Only few months of the year! We are still here!!

  21. We evolved to walk not to stay on trees to eat fruits and plants we developed feet to run and hunt shut your dumbassess self's veganism was created in the 1940s no one has ever been pure vegan dumbassess

  22. Theres no such thing as evolution. We were created just like this. Any changes in response to environment is simply inter species variation.

  23. Stupid argument, animals develop the ability to synthesis vitamin c due to them eating close to the soil. High amount of iron is ingested which requires extraordinary amount of vitamin c to neutralize the harmful and oxidative effects of high iron in diet, that’s why ruminants like cows and goats produces the most vitamin c while other animals just a small amount of it. It has been proven in the human DNA that our ancestors used to have the ability to synthesise vitamin c as well but that ability was lost as our diet changed and we ate our food much cleaner. This channel has been spreading a lot of lies.

  24. Humans need meat. Period. The only reason we have our big expensive brain is from eating eggs, fish, bugs, and other hunted meat. Humans mostly lived on fruit, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, bugs, and other foraged foods. But sometimes they would get lucky and find eggs, or catch a fish or a hunt would go well and they could share the meat with the tribe. This helped boost our intelligence to the level it is today. Look at what happen when you lack the vitamin B12. You can ONLY get that from an animal product. We suffer without it.

    And don't bother arguing supplements with me. I honestly considered living on nothing but potatoes and supplements but remembered that if I have to supplement for ANY vitamin then it's not natural or healthy. Do you think nomadic tribes just went to the store and bought some B12 vitamin? No. They earned that B12 through animals or bugs.

    And I don't care about being vegan because of the environment or animal cruelty. Go eat hunted meat and find someone who has chickens in their yard. You can't tell me those animals are abused. Spoiler alert: businesses will find a way to ruin the world no matter what people are eating. Look up the video, "10 ways vegans are ruining the wirld." Cashew slavery and murder over avocados. Unless you're going to be a hypocrite and tell me those human lives mean less to you then animal ones. And almonds are ruining California.

    The ONLY diet I have ever seen that makes sense in my brain is the Mediterranean diet. It goes like this:

    Majority of food consumed: Fruits and vegetables

    I can eat a small amount of dairy every day so I have one scoop of plain Greek yogurt with berries and 1/4 cup of whole oats, cinnamon and nutmeg.

    Eat fish at least twice a week. I mix tuna with apple and a handful of walnuts. I also add one teaspoon of EVOO to keep the apple from browning.

    I can have a lean meat (chicken, turkey, etc) once a week. I had chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes, and cucumber on a whole wheat tortilla.

    You can have red meat rarely and processed sweets even more rarely.

    This is in line with human evolution. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible but I'm not going to completely obsess over it. Think of what you will about my diet but it's better then me living off of tv dinners. I'm trying to lose weight and get healthier, not go on a holy crusade.

  25. Humans have a gallbladder. Herbivores don't.

    We do have to eat vegetables ofcource.

    A healthy low carb diet is mostly vegetables in volume. But in calories, fat is the main source. And it doesn't have to be from just animal sources.

    But that gallbladder has a purpose. Not using it is a bad idea.

  26. You are still citing fallacious epidemiology. The only people who REPORT eating a high meat diet over the last 50 years, despite being told it's unhealthy by every health and medical organization are mostly the retards of society. They don't care for their health. Therefore you would expect a very strong negative health effect in these epidemiological studies. Instead all you get is an increased cancer risk of between 10-20%. This is accounted for by the IQ difference in high meat eaters of the past. High meat diets in fact are protective and low inflammatory. Stop citing bullshit epidemiology. You are an amateur

  27. there is only one reason that humans has survived until today….we can eat anything ! meat fish fruit nuts and seeds! leave the rest to the monkeys! …oh yes…monkeys do eat meat sometime too!

  28. Why can't we take probiotics that contain the bacteria that make B12 in our guts like animals have? I read a paper that sheep have that bacteria and it makes their B12. Have we lost the bacteria through our high hygiene I wonder?

  29. Why is the scientific community so infatuated with the anti-scientific religion of Darwinian Evolution? Either Someone created everything out of nothing or nothing created everything out of nothing. Since we have yet to observe nothing giving rise to something, and materialists are constrained to the material world, it is nonsense to continue believing that nothing created everything. Aliens? Multiverses? That just kicks the can down the road a bit farther. You still come back to either Someone created everything out of nothing or nothing created everything out of nothing. I don't have enough [blind] faith to be an Atheist. The real problem is that we want to suppress the truth about God and foolishly demand, "where is the evidence for God?!" I say, "where ISN'T there proof of God?" DNA, sexual reproduction, botany, astronomy, chemistry, math, philosophy, … I have found nowhere where God's existence isn't screaming to us. <3

  30. Thank you so much for your videos
    Go vegan world♥️🍎🙏🏽
    Love animals
    Love the planet
    Love yourself

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