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Which Are Better: Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds?

[Music] we’ve been eating chia seeds for more than 5,000 years historically one of the main crops grown in the Western Hemisphere they’re exceptionally high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids though like flax seeds it’s better to grind them up even eating two tablespoons of whole chia seeds every day for ten weeks led to no change in omega-3 levels but the same amount of ground chia seeds did lead to a significant increase in blood levels of both short chain and long-chain omega-3s but there appeared to be no influence on inflammation or disease risk factors no change in body fat blood sugar cholesterol blood pressure c-reactive protein or any of the other markers of inflammation an earlier study had purported to show a significant reduction in c-reactive protein levels an indicator of systemic inflammation compared to control but if you look at the data that’s only because there is a significant worsening in the placebo group that was given a couple tablespoons of wheat bran a day instead so it’s not that the chia group got significantly better the control group just got significantly worse whenever researchers appear to be exaggerating their results it’s always a red flag to check their funding source but they didn’t disclose any conflicts of interest five years later though the truth came out the study was indeed funded by a Chia company furthermore the lead investigator had filed a patent to use chia seeds to treat diseases why didn’t they disclose this because the journals conflict of interest policy evidently didn’t specifically require the disclosure of such information anyways the patent has since been abandoned likely because subsequent studies found no significant benefits for weight loss blood sugar cholesterol blood pressure or inflammation after eating a quarter cup of chia a day for three months the original study did show a significant drop in blood pressure which was replicated by other researchers though not as potent in effect as ground flaxseed the primary reason I prefer flaxseeds over chia seeds though is their lid ban content averaging about 15 times more than other seeds including sesame and chia seeds thought to explain the anti-cancer effect of flax seeds for both prevention and survival chia seeds are certainly better than eggs and oil though by mixing one part chia seeds and nine parts water and letting it sit you can create a Chia gel that can be used as an egg or oil replacer in baked goods [Music]

100 thoughts on “Which Are Better: Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds?

  1. That's puzzling.  Guess ALA isn't that good, because from what I recall by reading labels is chia has more per serving.  Chia also is tolerable to eat.

  2. Somehow i dont believe this because everything ive heard from reliable sources says the opposite. Chia seeds are extremely rich in omega 3s and great for inflammation

  3. I eat both. Prefer flax in my muesli and chia in my smoothies. As long as I'm getting the good fatty acids I dont mind either.

  4. Sorry but the use of voice and intonation was a bit distracting. Might work as a DJ for a classic rock station but not so much for reviewing scientific literature… but bottom line, grind your seeds.

  5. Huh – 9:1 (water to chia) gel can be used to replace oil or eggs in baked goods. I'll have to give that a try.
    I wonder if they looked into possible inflammatory effects of wheat bran in the control group. I would be interested to know why the control group got so much worse. Very interesting info overall.

  6. I WANT TO KNOW if it is true or not that flaxseed molecules, when heated, explode, omegas disintegrate and are rendered useless as a health benefit. You show a muffin made with flax — this is obviously COOKED as are all flax "organic" cereal products.

  7. Why are you not telling everyone how flax seed raises estrogen in men significantly turning them into woman slowly?! I think you are being paid by the flax seed company for your info doc!!

  8. Dr. Greger, the Swedish FDA don't recommend eating ground flax seeds because of the cyanide containment. It says on their website "When flaxseeds are crushed or ground, the content of flaxseeds becomes more accessible to the body. This increases the risk of harmful amounts of hydrogen cyanide." I can't recall you've mention this in any of your videos. Do you have any research about this?

    Source: https://www.livsmedelsverket.se/livsmedel-och-innehall/mat-och-dryck/notter-och-froer/linfro

  9. What about sprouted chia? Some claim it contains 36 times more available omega 3. Can we find a proper study on this issue? If not, I hope such a study would be conducted. Thanks.
    P.S. Love your videos.

    LIES STOP SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There's nothing wrong with eggs nor oil though. Least one is allergic obviously.

    Sure, one could argue that overdoing either of the two in unhealthy, but the same thing can be said for anything you can dose on.

    Therefore, Chia seeds, or any other kind of plant food is not better than the eggs, nor worse. It's very different, and the two shouldn't, and can't really be compared.

  12. Stay away from Flax! Flax seeds are loaded with too much phytoestrogens. What they say is healthy one day, is deadly the next. That held true for soy, which is not only loaded with phytoestrogen's, but most soy is GMO now. Women who overdo it eating soy and flax are prone to getting estrogen receptor positive breast cancers. Also, have you noticed more and more males today have effeminate high pitch voices? that is due to soy flour and soy lecithin being put in almost every processed food, and those guys who think they are eating healthy, have turned into soy boys by eating too much soy and flax products.

  13. Well…at least chia seeds are very high in fiber, protein, and calcium so I will continue to eat them.  They are better absorbed if you soak them in water overnight and then eat them.  You can even give them to your cats and dogs.

  14. Chia seeds can affect one's blood pressure meds I discovered. Sort of like grapefruit and ginger. I stick to flax seeds and walnuts.

  15. But aren't Flaxseed high in lignans which increases the estrogen levels? This results in decrease in testosterone levels in males which is not very good, specially for those who are already struggling or for body builders?
    I'm not very sure though just want to clarify

  16. when we chew Chia or Flax seeds, we any way grind them , right ?… I dont think people just swallow them . Does chewing and then eating the seeds count as eating ground seeds ?

  17. I am inclined to agree 1000% with this. Bought several jars of Chia seeds from Northstar Nutritionals after falling for their bs advertising. Benvia Gold ground aka Chia seeds does absolutely nothing to improve blood pressure readings. Be careful who you listen to people their is an awful lot of rubbish out their.

  18. there are probably just as many "validated" studies to show chia is better than flax. just can't believe anything these days 🙁
    I'm a runner and added chia to my diet. i've considered adding flax but won't drop chia.

  19. Omg ,i was putting both chia and flack seeds in my protein shakes.
    The chia seeds make it smell and taste really bad ,but i did it anyway becouse i taught it was super healthy.chia seeds are even more expencive !!!

  20. Chia seeds keeps body cool, I usually take cod liver oil in combination, cod liver oil better source to prevent heart strokes

  21. In other words , the companies are pouring misinformation to make us assume the wrong decision.
    Thanks doc , I won't lie , I already knew this one , I mean, for god sakes , they even label my chia seed as "theres no studies that confirm to cured diseases"
    They put something like that , I always keep an eye on it but with you on the watch we feel safe

  22. thanks for the video – especially how control data affected the comparison with experimental groups data. It would be interesting to see if the increase in ALA was replicated. Finally, not sure if taking Flax seeds is good – going to research it.

  23. Flax seed consumption lowers testosterone in men, according to Christopher Walker of TruthNutra.com See:

  24. I heard seeds need to be smashed or breaker to get all the benefits. So when you only hydrated then with water you may not get all the nutrients? Thanks 🤗

  25. Great video! you can do the same gel which can replace eggs by mixing Flax seeds and water and letting them sit for several hours

  26. Is it a MUST to ground chia seeds before consuming, or it is ok to eat them whole as well? I need an expert answer, please.

  27. Regardless, chia is super high in vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and bunches of other vitamina and nutrients.

  28. However, chia does have way more iron and calcium than flaxseeds, right?
    I have a question, should I soak flaxseeds for 8/12 hours before consuming them, like other seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame etc) or can I just ground them and consume them without soaking? Thanks

  29. A study from Sweden (where I'm from) said it's potentially toxic, what are your comments about that? Thanks

  30. Chia seeds will do one thing — they will thin the blood, and taken one day before a lengthy run, they can knock a half-second off a mile runtime. I know firsthand. And they will indeed lower blood pressure.

  31. Very factual! This video could be used for when you have to write a nonfiction essay about this topic or for a report about this topic. It is very useful.

  32. Would you do a video on the Cyanide and phytoestrogen concerns of flax seed? Sweden recommends not to consume. Barmy

  33. flax seeds must be ground if you intend to get nutrients from them. I was under the impression that chia does not need to be ground, hence use chia if no grinder is available to you.

  34. I going to keep eating chia as well, because it has more mineral content like calcium and zinc.
    I prefer a mix of oats, chia, hemp, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for breakfast =]

  35. @NutritionFacts.org Can you do a video on flax seeds reducing testosterone? What is the effect of Lignans and how can I get Omega 3's without eating Lignans if they are indeed as bad for testosterone as some sources are indicating?

  36. I'd LOVE to hear your views on seed cycling. There's a lot of support for it, but none of it seems to be scientific…

  37. I usually soak the chia seeds till they become gel like. Do the properties change, or am I wasting money by not buying flax seeds?
    Also, are some flax seeds better than others to warrant higher prices?
    Thank you for your work!

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