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Which is Best Salt for Cooking?

In this video, we will discuss which is the
best salt for cooking and daily consumption, according to ayurvedic literature. Ashtang Sangrah, an ayurvedic ancient classical
book, provides a summary of foods that you can consume on a daily basis. According to this book, Shali rice, whole
wheat, barley, Shashtika rice, jivanti, young radish, Haritaki, amla, Munakka and raisins,
green grams or mung dal, Sharkara or ayurvedic sugar, cow’s ghee, rainwater, milk, honey,
pomegranate, and Sendha Namak are best for daily consumption. So, according to ayurveda, Sendha Namak should
be used in cooking. Rock salt is an English name of Sendha Namak. It has further categories. White and pink rock salts are the best qualities. Himalayan Pink Salt is generally available
everywhere and is good for cooking. Let’s discuss what are the benefits of Sendha
Namak. Bhavprakash Nighantu, an ayurvedic authentic
book, provides a list of its benefits and properties. According to Bhavprakash Nighantu, Sendha
Namak has appetizer and digestive action. It is light to digest, has a softening and
soothing action. It also increases interest in food, so best
for people with a loss of desire to eat foods. It is cooling in nature and aphrodisiac for
men. It spreads minutely in the body and it is
the only salt, which is beneficial for eyes. It balances three dosha, so it helps to prevent
all diseases that develop due to dosha aggravation. Because it balances Tridosha, so it is best
for eating in food on a daily basis. It has neutral action against other foods. So, it does not alter the properties of other
foods when combined. All other types of salts are slightly warming
in nature. Sendha Namak is the only salt that has a cooling
effect. Ayurveda considers all other salts are bad
for the eyes. Sendha Namak is the only salt that improves
and protects the eyesight. However, chemical constituents of Sendha Namak
slightly vary from other types of salt, but slight variations change its whole characteristics. Ayurveda recommends Sendha Namak’s use in
daily cooking instead of all types of available salts. Ayurveda is a stable science, which has 5000
years’ experience in healthcare and dietetics. Most of the Indian cultures trust it and use
its principles to stay healthy and live a longer life. Thank you for watching this video. If you like this video, please give us thumbs
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