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Whole30 Meal Prep for the Week!

(energetic music) – Hey, Munchies! Welcome to the channel if
you’re new or if you’re not. I’m Alyssia, and I am
so happy you’re here! We are all about meal prep this month to kickstart our New Year. Today’s meal prep is Whole30-themed because I do Whole30 every January, and I know a lot of you are joining in on the fun this month. But if you aren’t joining or if you don’t know what this means, this meal prep can also be helpful if you’re looking for a
paleo-style week of eating or clean eating in general. And this video was made
possible by ButcherBox, which is a service that
delivers high-quality meat straight to your doorstep. It’s frozen and carefully packed in an insulated box
shipped to you for free, and they are also a Whole30 partner because of their quality and ingredients. Their bacon and breakfast
sausage, for instance, have no added sugar, preservatives, or nitrites and nitrates,
which is a must for Whole30, but also now my norm. Right now, I was able
to get an offer for you. Using my link in the description, you can get two pounds of free
salmon, one pound of bacon, and pork butt for free
in your first order. But that special keto bundle is only good for a few more days, and
then the offer changes. It’s one of the best deals of the year. You don’t wanna miss out. I did a custom box so
I can choose my cuts, but they also have mixed boxes that are curated if you prefer. Today, I am showing you a
creative breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are all
actually quite easy to prepare. Let’s start with breakfast,
stuffed sweet potatoes. (energetic music) For an efficient prep day, I start by getting those
potatoes into the oven. I poke them with a
fork, wrap them in foil, and into the oven they go. You can totally use the microwave
to expedite this process, but I think they taste way better when they’re cooked in the oven. For the filling. I start with
my ButcherBox bacon chopped and cook that until brown. This bacon is delicious,
and, as I mentioned, it’s Whole30-approved with no sugar added. I set the bacon aside, but leave the fat for cooking
the rest of the filling. I add onions and cook for
a few minutes until tender, followed by chopped bell pepper, and let that soften slightly. Then I add my ButcherBox
breakfast sausage. For ground meat, I prefer to break it up into large chunks first to let
those brown for more flavor. Then continue to break it
up, but let it sit to brown. Don’t feel like you
have to move it nonstop. This is seriously my favorite
breakfast sausage of all time and one of my favorite
ButcherBox products. I have gotten two packs in
every order the last few months. It is only seasoned with
salt, pepper, and sage. There’s no added sugar,
and it tastes delicious. I let that cook through, and then I season with
garlic and onion powder. Add salt and pepper to your preference. I finish it off with some
spinach, let that wilt down, and then add the cooked bacon back in, and you’ve got your filling. When the potatoes are done, they’ll be fork-tender and caramelized. For meal prep, you’ll
wanna store the filling and potatoes separately. But to enjoy throughout the week, you can reheat with that
filling stuffing the potato. Stuffed potatoes are
a great Whole30 option for any time of day, and you
can stuff them with anything, bacon and eggs or even
almond butter and berries. This combo is savory and delicious, but does have a nice balance of sweetness from the potato and even the bell peppers. I love that I get a balanced meal of protein, veggies, and carbs and a delicious meal that’s
prepped and ready to go. The sausage and all the
ButcherBox is high-quality and tastes so great. I also can’t find
Whole30-approved breakfast sausage that is in ground meat form
from my local grocery store, so this is a win. And the fact that it’s
conveniently shipped right to my door makes it an even better deal. My Whole30 lunch prep is my
Instant Pot butter chicken. I have shown this on the channel before. It’s actually a butterless chicken because there’s no dairy on Whole30. I also wanted to say, because I do always get
asked in Whole30 videos, that if you want to
learn more about Whole30, you can find all of the information
for free at whole30.com. I’ve also got a blog post up that can help determine
if it’s right for you. But as a very brief summary,
it’s an elimination diet that helps you find which
foods work best with your body, and it helps reset your system
by eating clean whole foods, eliminating processed foods, and also eliminating the food groups of grains, legumes, dairy,
and sugar for 30 days. Then after the 30 days, you
reintroduce each food group to see what works for
you and what doesn’t. It is so cool. I learn more about what works for me and my body every single time I do it. Okay, back to lunch. I am also making cauliflower rice for a side dish with my butter chicken. I simply saute oil with onion until tender for a few minutes. Add the cauliflower rice, fresh or frozen, and cook until tender six to 10 minutes. Season as you’d like. And I like to stir in some
parsley for flavor and freshness. Plus, it looks so darn pretty. I add ghee to my Instant
Pot with chopped onions, garlic, fresh ginger, and curry powder, garam masala, ground
coriander, smoked paprika, a cinnamon stick, and salt and pep. Hit Saute and let it go
for about five minutes. Stir regularly, and don’t let it burn. For this one, I am using ButcherBox’s boneless skinless chicken thighs, which are free-range and organic. I add the chopped chicken
thighs and tomato sauce, mixing to integrate. You could also use chicken
breast if preferred, but thighs have more fat
and I think more flavor. Whole30 is great for overcoming fatphobia, so if you are hesitant about
eating more healthy fats, it could be worth looking into. Close the lid of the Instant
Pot and cook on manual at high pressure for five minutes. Turn off the heat and flip
the quick pressure release, allowing it to steam for 10 minutes. Then you can stir in some
coconut milk until integrated. I like to saute for
another five to 10 minutes to thicken up the sauce and finish it off with fresh cilantro. Oh my gosh, this is a favorite of mine whether I’m doing Whole30 or not. Indian-inspired flavors, but so many nutritious
ingredients to keep me fueled. It’s rich from the ghee,
but mild, sweet, savory, and so satisfying from
the comforting spices. I store that with my cauliflower rice and a seasonal on-the-go
fruit to pair it with, like clementines. I’ll link more Instant Pot videos for your inspiration below. For dinner, I’ve got a 3-2-1 meal. My 3-2-1 meal prep system
is something I introduced to keep dinners easy and versatile. Essentially, you use
three main ingredients, you prep them two different ways for variety with your meals, and the dinner prep should take no more than one hour for your
entire week of dinners. This week’s ingredients are
pork, kale, and acorn squash, a protein, carb, and veggie
to keep things balanced. The first meal is a barbecue
pulled pork stuffed squash, and the second is an acorn
squash soup with pork. I’m using ButcherBox’s boneless pork butt, which, remember, is
included free right now in your offer with my link below. This can look like an
intimidating piece of meat, but you aren’t going to
believe how easy it is to cook. I am making it in the slow cooker to be used two ways for these recipes, and it’s ready to go into the cooker as is out of the wrapper. No prep or anything needed. Add your boneless pork
butt into the slow cooker and season it liberally
with salt and pepper. We are going to cook it low and slow, eight or nine hours if you have it. If not, it can go four hours on high, but more time will mean more flavor. I usually start this at
the beginning of the day so that it can go while
I’m doing other stuff. I’ve also gotta roast my acorn squash to be used in both recipes. I score the outside of the
squash and cut them in half. Scoop out the seeds. Feel free to save them to
roast later if you want. And rub down the squash with oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Bake those facedown until fork-tender. (upbeat music) I also saute up some kale
to use in both recipes. I simply get a pan heated with oil, saute some kale until wilted, seasoning with fresh lemon
juice, salt and pepper. For the pork, the internal temperature should reach 190 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t be overly concerned. In the slow cooker, it will
get there if you leave it. Cool it 20 minutes before pulling apart. And oh my gosh, you are gonna
have to really be disciplined to not eat this all as you’re shredding it because it is so freaking good, even with nothing other than
the salt and pepper seasoning. The ButcherBox pork is
heritage breed raised with traditional and
sustainable farming methods and tastes amazing. Try to stop yourself, because we’ve gotta use those
components two different ways. For the stuffed squash,
let’s make the filling. It is simple 1/2 of the
pulled pork meat mixed with no-sugar barbecue sauce
so it’s Whole30-approved, some Whole30 mayo, and 1/2
of the sauteed kale mixture. (upbeat music) I store the stuffing and squash separately to reheat during the week so it all lasts. We’ve got versatility with dinner, though. Let’s make our second meal,
that acorn squash soup. I take 1/2 of the roasted squash and scoop the flesh into
a bowl and set aside. In a saucepan, I melt ghee and then cook onion, carrot, and garlic until tender around five to seven minutes. I add in the squash
and some chicken broth. Boil that mixture and then
simmer for 20 minutes. Stir in some coconut milk
and then season with nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt and pepper. Add the soup mixture to your
food processor or blender and blend it up until it is as smooth and creamy as you’d like. I stir in the other 1/2
of my cooked kale mixture, as well as that pulled pork. Yum. Holy moly, that kale and pulled pork give that smooth soup just enough texture. It’s salty and sweet with
all of my balanced components for a healthy Whole30 meal. And with those three main ingredients, I’ve got two different dinners
ready to go for the week. Having those meals ready to
go makes it not only easier to stay on track for Whole30 and eat well, but I also look forward to eating well because these are so darn delicious. And that is in part due
to that high-quality meat thanks to ButcherBox. You can get that keto bundle
with two pounds of salmon, one pound of bacon, and
pork butt for free right now using the link in my description. This deal is only available
to the first 100 viewers, though, so you wanna get over there ASAP. Plus, you do not have to commit to purchase monthly to get the deal. You can pause, and you can choose how
frequently you want the box. You could get it every
two weeks, every month, every two months even based
on your needs and family size. I highly recommend the service. I have been using it for the
last four or five months, and it’s made my life easier, not only because it delivers to my door, but also because ButcherBox
really does the homework for me to make sure that I’m getting what I want and putting the quality
that I value into my body. So it’s important for Whole30, yes, but it’s also important for me year-round, and I am really, really grateful. And I’m really grateful to you too. I’ll be back all month
long with more meal prep. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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