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Why Am I Always Hungry? 3 Weird Triggers and How to Get Hunger Under Control

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here
with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine today. In this video, we’re going to share with you
the best foods, supplements, and techniques to combat those sugar cravings, those food
cravings and to get your hunger under control. Jordan, number one here is salt. How does salt actually reduce sugar hunger
cravings? Jordan: Well, consuming the right salt can
actually satisfy you because it’s got minerals. Consuming the wrong salt can only make you
hungrier and fast food restaurants know that it’s a trigger, right? So salt and sugar make you crave salt and
sugar. Those other flavors, by the way, like bitter
and sour and umami that actually stave off hunger. So if you consume salt and you’re like I was
when I was a kid, putting salt before I eat, look before you leap. “Jordan, why do you put salt on it? You don’t know if you even need salt.” Try to back off salt intake, sodium intake,
or get a high mineral salt. Look up on draxe.com, best sources of salt. Dr. Axe: Number two, air conditioning. This can be a trigger for why you’re hungry. You know, we’ve actually found this that if
you are cold and the air conditioning actually makes you more hungry versus have you ever
been outside maybe where it’s hot and humid and you just really didn’t feel like eating
a lot or a large meal? So actually being in areas where you’re actually
warmer or hotter can actually help you. Infrared sonar’s are great, going to the gym
and just working out in general, getting that body heat up actually can help naturally balance
that out. But don’t stay in too cold of areas too much
because it can actually make you hungry. Jordan: Medications. There are medications that don’t even list
over eating and side effects but they start to tamper with your cortisol and when your
cortisol increases, which happens in so many of us, our stress-related cravings go up. We could put stress on here too. But think about it folks. Almost everyone is on a medication today especially
the anti-depressant medications, the upper GI medications, oral contraceptives. These all can alter and make you crave certain
things. Think about pregnant women, they have hormone
changes so they crave. That can happen to all of us when we’re on
medication. Dr. Axe: Number one here. Now, this is in terms of how to get your hunger
under control. So these are the things you want to add in
your diet. Number one here, a combination of fat fiber
and certain types of spices. Fat makes you feel fuller as does fiber whereas
doing a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, your body burns them so quickly that you’re immediately
hungry. Within an hour, you typically want and need
more food. So we know that most people today don’t have
enough healthy fats in your diet. Getting more healthy fats especially, Jordan,
you want to talk about getting hunger under control or burning fat long term, try a ketogenic
diet or some good quality organic ketogenic products. We know that a ketogenic diet can support
the body getting fat. We know fiber, in order for your body to burn
or utilize fiber and fat, it probably takes closer to three hours whereas a lot of these
carbohydrates might take in between 30 minutes to an hour. So, again, you want more fat fiber in your
diet and then certain types of spices that are more bitter in nature, more stringent
in nature, could also really support your body as well in keeping hunger under control. Jordan: Essential oils. They actually did studies where certain pheromones
and sense cause people to be hungry or crave things they shouldn’t eat. Have you ever been to an airport or mall food
court, what is the number one . . . you smell, I’m not going to mention the name of the company,
but those cinnamon rolls smell so good. Doesn’t junky breakfast just smell so good? They know this so they’re going to crank up
the AC, make it cold, and have these amazing aromas to make you hungry but the opposite
is true. Certain essential oils are very satisfying
and can help control hunger. Some of the best ones are citrus oil, calming
oil such as lavender and then even awakening type oils like peppermint and rosemary. Those can help you mentally and physically
get strong and combat hunger. You can apply essential oils to your feet,
to your abdomen. You can inhale them. I like to put them on my head. How do you think I get my hair to look like
this? We use them all the time but make sure to
have healthy organic scents about you. You’ll get more sense when it comes to keeping
your hunger under control. Got it? Scents and sense? Dr. Axe: That was good. That was clever. All right. So essential oils. I’ll actually mention three oils here. Jordan mentioned number one. Grapefruit has been shown to be really great
for this. Jordan mentioned the citrus oils. I also think ginger and cinnamon can be great. They’re warming to the body. All right, those are great. So number three is exercise and it’s not lots
of cardiovascular exercise. Its weight training typically. Weight training is great for putting on lean
muscle, warming your body and actually helping your body stay lean. And actually can help balance those hunger
cravings as well, help balance hormones. So, again, exercise especially some weight
training or just doing things where you’re active. Indoor rock climbing, going for walks in nature,
things like that can be very good. The long distance exercise actually can make
you eat a bit more if you’re doing a lot of long distance cardio. But weight training in general, using things
like kettle bells, these can be great ways to keep hunger under control. Jordan: All right, balance hormones. This is really critical and you might be thinking
estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and there’s some of that. You might be thinking thyroid hormones but
really when it comes to hunger, it’s DHEA and cortisol. Cortisol is increased when we’re in that fight
or flight, like being chased by a bear in a national forest, that’s good cortisol. Bad cortisol is from too much stress, not
proper sleep cycles. Bad cortisol comes from a lack of sunshine
and eating too many carbohydrates. Of course, also life. What you’ve got to do is balance your hormones. One of the greatest ways to control hunger
and balance hormones is consuming the herb ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has been clinically studied to
increase DHEA and decrease cortisol which helps to regulate stress-related carb craving
and over eating. That’s really one of the best substances you
can do. Make ashwagandha in an herbal infusion or
a tea, consume a supplement and make sure to get the right amount. It’s between 125 and 600 milligrams depending
on the type of extract if you’re supplementing. Dr. Axe: Well, all right guys. So here is what you need to do to keep those
hunger and sugar cravings under control. Again, don’t use iodized salt. Don’t stay in the air conditioning too long. Certain drugs we know increase those cravings
as well and then again eat meals with lots of healthy fat, protein fiber. Get lots of herbs and spices in your diet. Exercise. Use essential oils and balance hormones naturally
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  1. Don't we need Iodine for a healthy thyroid? Ashwaganda… can it be used it you already have very low cortisol 24 hrs a day? (I did a 4pt cortisol saliva test)

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