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Why Can Soda Dissolve a Rat?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. The subscribe button turned into a merch plug? That’s huh… very YouTube, I think! Over the years, there have been several claims
of a mouse or rat being found in a can of soda.,, Disgusting, right? Well, brace yourselves because it kind of
gets worse. In 2012, a small lawsuit against PepsiCo for
one of those incidents revealed something much more disturbing. In their denial that a mouse could be found
in a can of Mountain Dew, a veterinary pathologist hired by the company claimed that it was impossible
because the soda would have dissolved the mouse into a jelly-like substance by the time
they opened the can.,, You heard me right. They claimed that you wouldn’t find a mouse
carcass, but rather mouse-goo. But is that even possible? Can soda actually dissolve a small animal? Yes, it can! Well, huh… sort of. And nopenintended. While soda may be able to dissolve certain
parts of an animal, some aspects may survive. Mice and rats can be quite strong swimmers,
but when they are fully submerged in any liquid, they will drown in just a few minutes., Since
soda cans have a shelf life ranging from three to nine months,, there is plenty of time for
the rodent to dissolve with the help of the common chemicals found in these drinks. The sharp, tangy flavor in soda is due to
citric or phosphoric acid, which have pH’s similar to that of the hydrochloric acid in
your stomach.,,, Scientists believe that these chemicals could eat away bones and teeth. In a famous 2004 study, soaking human molars
for just two weeks resulted in a 1 percent loss of tooth enamel volume in Coca Cola,
a 6 percent loss in Mountain Dew, and an 8 percent loss in Diet Mountain Dew., However, even after months in soda, the collagen
and soft tissue may still remain., In order to disintegrate the animal completely, other
digestive enzymes may be needed. But besides being able to partially digest
a mouse, soda has other not so great qualities as well. A typical 12 ounce can of soda contains around
7 to 10 teaspoons of added sugar. That’s equal to 30 to 42 grams of sugar,
or 110 to 150 calories without any nutrients. Sugary soft drinks like soda can increase
your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, gout, and obesity.,, One meta-analysis combining the results of
11 questionnaire-based studies found that people who drink one or more cans of soft
drinks a day had a 26 percent greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people
who rarely drank them. Other studies have found a 20 to 40 percent
higher risk of coronary heart disease, depending on how many soft drinks were consumed., So, it may be time to cut down on all the
sugary drinks. If not for your health, at least to avoid
finding a half-dissolved mouse carcass floating in your beverage. Also I think “Mouse-Goo” is the new name
for my band. So do you drink soda? If so, how often? Let me know in the comment section below,
or tell me what should I talk about next! Curious to know what would happen if you never
stopped drinking coffee? Check out this video! This is cup #1 of the day and for the sake
of this scenario, we’re going to consider one cup of coffee as 8oz. Craig won’t be consuming anything else. After the first sip, the coffee is quickly
absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. Thank you so much for watching and liking
this video! As always my name is Blocko! This has been Life Noggin! Don’t forget to keep on thinking.

100 thoughts on “Why Can Soda Dissolve a Rat?

  1. 🐭💀EVERYONE BETTER SUPPORT MY NEW BAND MOUSE GOO! 💀🐭 Let's rock! Name 3 of my albums. Go!
    Thanks for watching and liking the video! I really appreciate it! 💙

  2. ever since i started doing heavy workouts i naturally lost the urge to drink sodas, and on top of that have any form of dessert, i started to even feel bad just sitting around, so now that i’m hearing this news im glad i lost that urge to drink it daily

  3. When mom tells me to drink soda or anything like that I'm like NO JUST WATER I AM NOT DRINKING THAT DISGUSTING BROWN THING

  4. I only drink two or three servings of soda per week, and when I do, it's from a bottle or cup. I almost never drink soda from a can, and in the few times I did, I never found a dissolved mouse.

  5. so if there is a mouse in your mountain dew does it mean that it is a mouse 'n dew ba-dum-tss and also what are the difrences between a mouse and a rat?

  6. Many comments said that why a rat would be in the soda, the reason it is in there is because some factories have mouse and rats running around in them and some get stuck in the can during the process

  7. i rarely drink soda, but when i do, i drink a whole 2 litre bottle during that day and the go a several months without soft drinks at all

  8. Well, not anymore I do!!! I'm too scared to drink it now. I don't want type 2 diabetes !!!!! I'll stick to water now;

  9. i am a 12 year old and i hated soft drinks since i was little, they are just so disgusting. i said my age because usually kids like drinking soft drinks.
    if my english is kinda bad, sorry im from somewhere in asia

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