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Arthritis Diet and Exercises


So recently I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook. Over 100,000 people saw it. This was in January of 2015, and this was a couple weeks ago. So basically it caused a lot of people to get really pissed off, accusing me of steroids and everything like that. This before picture that I showed was completely real, and here is another one a couple days later looking really really skinny, and it’s not that I looked like normally. It’s because I was depleted after a photo shoot, I was cutting it at 1800 calories and that’s just how I looked after binging on loads of cereals and loads of carbs after restricting my carbs a lot. I wasn’t photo-shopped. I wasn’t off my cycle or something like that. So after going vegan, without a doubt I put a lot of muscle mass. Obviously there are still some skeptics out there saying it’s not possible because the plant protein is not bio-available, but most of you guys know that all these myths have been debunked. One of the things that I think helped a lot was that when I was eating a lot of meat, not even a lot, just the fact that I was eating animal products at all. It kind of fucked with my digestion a lot and some people can tackle meat a lot better than others. I just couldn’t tackle it. I was always constipated. I couldn’t take a shit. Sometimes it took me two weeks to take a shit. So obviously your digestion and how your gut works has a lot to do a lot with energy, your metabolism. And when I went vegan, all of these digestive problems went away completely. I put on insane amount of weight after going vegan in the first two months because I was so excited that you were able to order pizza from pizza hut that was vegan without the cheese and just veggies and stuff like that with barbecue sauce. I was so happy with that I kept eating that over and over again, and I blew up and my strength increased a lot from clean whole foods and processed garbage. So either way I was consumed a lot calories and a huge amount of carbohydrate. No, it’s not steroids, but I can’t really tell you exactly the science behind it because unfortunately there aren’t many studies that show this, so I am just speaking out of personal experience here. So, I remember right before going vegan, I was doing bench-press with 120kilos for six repetitions and now like one and a half years later, 130kilos for nine repetitions is the most that I have done. And one of the reasons, I think I got a lot stronger in the gym after I went vegan is because my workouts were getting a lot better as well. They were filled with energy. I could give it my all. Now in terms of muscle mass which is the thing I go for the most, the strength is not very important for me. Muscle mass is a lot more important, and you know I am more about aesthetics than power lifting. No, plant protein is not inferior in any way. The only thing that I can say and back up by studies is that that animal protein is obviously acidic, but at my age with my testosterone levels, the acidity in animal products shouldn’t really have set my gains back, so I can’t really say it is because of that, so I don’t know. It’s just a combination of being on a caloric surplus for a very long time. I am getting stronger which means I can push my weight. It’s hard to get people to believe that a vegan diet would do so much more positive. A lot of people think that you are going to be handicapped by going vegan that you’re going to be limited, but for me, it has been the exact opposite. I have been making more gains than ever and will continue to make gains. I don’t want to get massive. I am not a bodybuilder. I am just going for the aesthetics and just looking as good as I can look in my personal view. Even for bodybuilding, if you want to get big massive, you can still be vegan easily. You just need to take loads of growth hormone, insulin, testosterone all that good stuff that all those big ass bodybuilders take, and it won’t make a difference at all. And one thing that I want to mention is that when I used to eat a lot of meat, I wasn’t getting a huge caloric surplus apart from when I was eating junk foods like Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and fast foods and stuff like that, and the reason is a lot of people when they are eating meat, they are obsessed with protein, “Oh, I am going to get 200 grams of protein, 250 grams of protein.” I have been making way way way more gains with 0.6 grams per lb. of body weight, so in that sense, I was able to fit in a lot more carbohydrates and fill up my calories from healthy sources without worrying too much about the protein because protein is over-rated, and yes, a vegan diet has a bunch of protein if you choose to, you can eat 200 grams of protein on a vegan diet as well. It doesn’t matter. It might be a little bit trickier, but you don’t even need to, and you are going to make more gains having a higher percentage of carbohydrate anyway, so why even overdose on protein? There is absolutely no point. My diet and a diet that is recommended that I recommend to all my clients is high protein, but people think that high protein is 300 grams. The recommended daily protein level for guys is about 60 grams of protein, and if you are doing bodybuilding, maybe you will need twice as much or a little bit more than that, and even that is like 120 grams and I am getting about 140 to 150 grams of protein, so that’s a lot and I don’t even need that amount so that’s just my personal preference because I eat a lot of tofu and tempeh and stuff like that because I enjoy those foods and automatically I get a lot more protein than I actually need. So in terms of training and nutrition, I kept my macros at about 60/20/20 loads of whole food grains, legumes big on beans and lentils tofu tempeh, and in terms of training, I have been doing the same as I did before switching. I was just doing really high volume training push/pull/leg splits rather than doing bro splits. I am not a big fan of full body workouts although it does work if you are only going to train about 3 times a week but I train about 6. So I just prefer splitting up like that. Heavy weights combined with high repetition training as well. I really try to change it up as much as I can. And of course the most important thing of all is being consistent with your diet and your training. You can’t just cut out the meat products and go vegan and expect to build a huge amount of muscle. It takes a long time, but within a year of very consistent training and eating the right foods, you can see a huge huge change. But don’t even focus on the end result. Focus on the journey, focus on bettering yourself day by day. Make it life-skill not a goal, and before you know it you will have made a big change. So guys I think a lot of people know now that the vegan diet is not inferior to build muscle. And I’m just reminding you that we do provide online training for people who are willing to try the vegan diet out. Link in the description box below jonvenus.com. So, if you are not sure what to do and how to go about it and you need some guidance, we are always here to help you guys. Anyway thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon. Peace Out.


  1. i just have the biggest feeling that all these youtubers are fake…like those fake kissing videos or joey salads videos

  2. I tried for 20 years (12 – 32) to gain weight. I tried everything massive amounts of meat, over 4,000 calories a day. Then this past Nov I went vegan and gained 22 – 27 lbs off i which shocked me when I went to the doctor 2 1/2 months later.

  3. Don't give bad informations to people saying that plant protein isn't inferior. It is. Meat protein has a better quality ! Get your facts straight before making a video.

  4. I loved your video, I was looking something like this, I have run for 7 years and I start to be Vegan and I want to go to the gym, but I didn´t know how to do it. Thank you for the information and good luck.

  5. So hold up… I only need approximately 100g of protein a day? Thank you, you've saved my life.

  6. It makes sense also, because they pump these animals with hormones to make them fatter like growth hormones and estrogen, and that decreases testosterone which can make you fatigue much easier during the day.

  7. Mike Mentzer trained Dorian Yates and he said the myth about protein is the same as you he said eat more carbs, have more energy get more gains. Your body just breaks down protein and turns to energy instead of using it for gains.

  8. Vegan diet lol I would faint in the gym everyday I simply can't get enough energy and calories from just going vegan tried it and it was a epic fail

  9. – "Why I got bigger"?
    – Because you steroiding like a terminator and will never tell the truth about this, as you'll lose all your sponsors ^^

  10. thanks so much jon…been on the diet for two days and already feel stronger in the gym and just more alive in general… i too always felt bloated no matter what… feel so much better now, going to keep at it!

  11. Plant protein is superior. Today I got 70 fucking grams of protein from just one meal with some beans!!! Can't beat it!

  12. im a vegan. let me tell you this guy is talking shit. 99% is ok but the 1% is shit. and thats all you need. 1% is enough. hes hiding a secret. its all in the supplements hes taking. hes here to sell to you guys. they know the vegan community is hot. its all about the money. if he really was a vegan. hed tell you for free. he'd help you out for free. but there's gotta be money to be made in veganism. this guy dont give a fuck about animals. they memeorized scripts so they know exactly what to say to you. phonies.

  13. I have gained like 15 pounds of muscle since I went vegan its because I always have good food on hand.I make my food in batches ill do like whole food bowls with white rice or big vegan pasta bakes and drink three vegan shakes a day and I blew up with muscle. As long as you work hard in the gym and do your cardio and eat a shit ton if you are a skinny 170 pound 6'0 guy like me you will blow up.

  14. That's the same reason I became a vegan. There are So many natural sources of protein out there . 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  15. you train 6 days a week, track your calories and look like THAT? some shots are decent, nothing special tho, but they are all done in middle or right after training aka pumped up. when you just sit and talk you look skinny.

  16. 1. A high Protein diet is proven to be unhealthy and 2. Plant Protein has a higher quality and is more healthy. Greetings from Germany!

  17. Wow, Great video, great message 🙂 I also healed my body going vegan and even more so when I cut out oil. Have you considered going oil-free?

  18. I am a plant based food believer, but why would you eat Pizza Hut or anything like that in conjunction with vegetable diets?

  19. COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER! every since I went vegan I've been getting a lot of shit from everyone! Thanks for this video brother!

  20. A vegan diet needs more protein (10%) and a variety of protein sources. The RDA for protein is 0.8g/kg for an average person. If you were eating fast food with meat it makes sense that you had GI problems. High sugar foods cause more acidic conditions. The bad bacteria in your intestinal tract feed off the sugars, which may cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria. This can damage the brush border membrane, causing malabsorption, weight loss, and possibly other problems.

  21. personally think you look much better in the before photo. deeply appreciate you passion and your commitment. however, the body is not who you really are, its something you ( infinite and eternal, all- knowing) are in. so yeah fantastic to have a great body, like having a great car, just dont forget about the driver!

  22. I think this is one of the best ways to get people interested in veganisim. Good work. And everything your saying is 100% true

  23. Hey man I was really interested about going vegan and wanted to know during your time have you ever came across any deficiencies or anything weird while on a vegan meal plan or had the need to take any supplements

  24. There's no right or wrong. Everyone has to find what works for them. Personally, I don't believe your before and after photo because you haven't accounted for potential changes in your exercise routine. You said in your video it didn't change but I don't buy it. There's no reason the difference would be that drastic if your training stayed the same. Also, once you became Vegan you probably became more conscious of your macros, and you probably weren't paying much attention before, which makes a big difference. Personally, I rather eat meat and fish, which humans have eaten for centuries, than to eat something funky and manufactured like soy or tempeh. F that. But kudos to you for jumping on a controversial topic in order to get youtube views. It obviously worked on me, smh.

  25. Hey Jon, from the looks of your photos it would seem you where doing fine on a meat diet, 2015 to 2017, it looks like the kind of gains you would get if you trained hard and ate well *(eating to your body type/genes). Not because veganism is a super life style. I'm a ex vegan and I can say for a fact that when I was on it my digestion became worst and I became much more tired. I'm currently on a keto diet (high fat) and feel much better then I did on a vegan diet, and have been putting on muscle really fast.

  26. Mmmm tempeh…I have some marinating in the fridge now. And for lunch I had some homemade Italian seitan made up like a hotdog with a side of seasoned veggies. So easy to get protein as a vegan! Feels like much less effort than when I was eating baked/crockpot chicken every day.

  27. Also Jon you are great for veganism. Thank you for showing everyone you CAN kick ass without contributing to animal exploitation and cruelty. ❤️🌱🐷

  28. Yeah, it has to do with absorption. Digestion and acidity is what screws me up. Apparently it's a continuous cycle and perhaps The body can only consume so much. The largest, most powerful animals on earth do not consume animal products.

  29. Please help. I tried going vegan but I can't get full in the mornings. I tried eating 3 whole English cucumbers and ended up getting getting hungry in about 2 hours. And I also have been having some crazy stomach aches and noises and my poop has been like shitting out a bunch of wet soggy raisen's sorry for the mental image. What's a filling breakfast food for vegans?

  30. Very very inspiring story. Been a vegetarian for 12 years with 90% vegan diet but these testimonies inspire me to completely eliminate dairy. Great work!

  31. I've been vegan for like 4 or 5 days? No clue. 😂👍🏼🤷‍♀️ but I just feel so much better! Like, I'm sooo happy 😊 I've been vegan before, but then I started eating meat 🍖 because I thought that Jesus Christ ate fish 🐟 but THEN I thought that he told people to be vegan…. I was sooo confused 🤷‍♀️ I still am. 😂 but then I saw my dog 🐶 and I wouldn't to be vegan! Just like that. 😂👍🏼 she's sooo beautiful.

  32. Whole food mostly raw vegan for two months and I never felt better in my life! Let's get more people as healthy as we are 🙂

  33. I heard a nathuropat that puts people on raw vegan diet, that the body removes everything in the body that is bad quality, while detoxifying. Therefore that people might loose the muscle. Did you experience muscle lost during the detoxifying process of becoming vegan? If you know about this from other people , could you make a video, pleasE?

  34. If you’re a girl watching this please don’t go ordering a bunch of pizzas 😂😂 guys can get away with sooo much more than girls can especially with the fact that they have more testosterone than us !!! But eat in moderation 🙂

  35. Maybe its because you have been eating meat for long and animal protein, your body is still using the left amino acid?? Maybe its just a bogus assumption

  36. You are right Jon, i have been a flexitarian and am slowly going to vegan. I mean when i was trying, witouth meat in my diet, i felt more energetic, than when i was eating. And f those people who say other wise, your good

  37. You was a skinny runt before you started vegan, and now your are a less skinny runt. You can eat cardboard and still make the gains you did ( beginner's gain). Try competing in bodybuilding and stay a vegan, then tell me if it works,

  38. vegan sucks ass

    i eat veggies meat

    i would try vegan food with roast beef and turkey

    this proves society is so dumbed down

  39. Does anyone actually realize it's the exercising part that makes people stronger? There's a lot of animals that doesn't eat meat and they're strong, but there's also a lot of animals that eats meat and also strong. The moral here, workout you lazy b*stards.

  40. You're awesome Jon Venus. Bravo! Bless you!. I have always been vegetarian and since the last five years, I have been vegan. There is nothing like going along with the rules of nature! Humans are basically herbivorous but if they wish, they can be omnivorous too. I choose not to eat death, gore, pain, blood, sufferings and all the negative karma. I like the comment of Giovanni Ramirez 🙂 "The look on his face was so priceless as if i told him jesus christ was behind him." hahaha Yeah that's how brainwashed people react when they come to know that I train regularly, am strong enough to defeat local boys at arm wrestling, I certainly don't look my age and have not been to a doc in the last 15 years 🙂 Go vegan guys. That's called human dietary evolution! Don't think about what ancient humans ate. Well if you really want to do what they did, you should be living in a cave …. Watch "What the Health" it will change your life. Have you guys heard of Patrik Baboumian? https://youtu.be/2xoRVIoTOsA

  41. I have been a vegan for 1.5 years now, mainly the difference is energy and lower stress levels, which conducts to better performance and a happier life 😉 fuck meat

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