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Why New Year’s resolutions fail

.. and then we went out on New Year’s Eve, had a too many drinks.. Typical! Got up … A little bit dusty and suddenly that
New Years resolution to get super lean and healthy and fuck’ng sexy lost to Uber
Eats! I’ll give you some statistics on it. You know 27 % of people will
abandon their New Year’s resolutions by the time we get halfway through the
month half of the people will be out of the game and only 8 % of
people actually actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions! Why do so many of us set outcome goals that set ourselves up for failure first one is often we’re not clear on exactly what we want to achieve write that shit down go this is my goal write it down you need to write that down you know statistics show that forty, you have a 42 percent higher chance of success if you write down your goals, so simply having it in your mind is not
enough if you’re looking to increase your likelihood of success first step
write it down make it clear and create a time frame
create a time frame they’re going all right cool well over the next three or
six months this is what I’m looking to achieve we’re not going to be attached
to that outcome we’re gonna write that down so we can create a plan which will
come up in a moment. So many people actually don’t uncover why this goal is important to us you know some people set goals that they feel
should be important to them but I haven’t uncovered the intent, the reason, why it’s important to them. So it takes us on to the next point which is so many
people’s goals a negatively focused they’re all about like I don’t want to
smoke I want to quit KFC I want to stop being fuck’ng fat I want to quit uber
raids it’s always think that I don’t want or things that you’re trying to get
rid of and it’s actually kind of reminding you off to kind of lack that
you’re in or that you’re kind of not good enough and that’s not really gonna
create the emotion or the positive states gonna allow you to really be
motivated or inspired to move towards these goals think I’ll give you example
saying native-like and how the mind actually works don’t think of a pink
elephant don’t think of a pink elephant is there a pink elephant your mind
so think about it like the mind doesn’t really go positive or negative command
if you just say I don’t want this you’re always ending it with the thing that you
don’t want so if you think I don’t want to be fat on me found it using fat fat
fat you think I’m fun funfun and that’s just kind of reminding you
and you’re actually thinking about how you’re not good enough right now and
that’s not really going to create the focus and the inspiration or the
compelling future that you’re looking for that’s gonna motivate you to take
action on a day to day basis because every day you’re gonna remind yourself
of where you’re not at and not create a motivation to move forward I want
confidence and I want to feel empowered those are creating a positive focus but
it’s about unpacking once again the intent the feeling writing it down but
then creating a positive focus around them that creates a compelling future
that really motivates you to move towards them and move forward so just a
recap first step write that goal down step to uncover the intent uncover the
reason know why step 3 make sure that it’s positively focused and then you’re
ready to move forward now ah create actions and behaviors that are
manageable that are like easily manageable for you so you can step by
step you can build momentum and make progress on a day-to-day that’s not
attached to the outcome that’s disempowering but instead makes positive
steps every day that allows you to move forward let’s start off with you know
the goal I want to lose weight so what do you want that for
I don’t feel empowered I don’t feel strong I feel confident awesome cool we
understand the intent have we written it down yes cool let’s go with that now we
need to create actionable steps and behaviors because now that we’ve
positively focused and framed it we know that we can create you know actionable
steps that allow us to build I guess momentum and progress towards that goal
so what we actually need to do in practice is actually break that out into
manageable steps that allow them to feel strong and confident empowered today
alright so step one would be strange strength training constrain strength
training is gonna help us with long term weight loss are probably as anomalous
that we can probably do I’m gonna start strength training three times a week
fantastic that is step one and if that person commits
three times a week day I’m making progress and then I connected to losing
the five killers they were connected now or committed to making progress
step two they’ll go I’m gonna start doing meal prep on Sunday and Wednesday
step three they might go I might start adding some conditioning maybe a jog you
know that helps me clear my mind step four they’re my guy I’m gonna start
to sleep go to sleep by 10:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
definitely Step five they might actually then decide to join something like the
kickstart program and actually get onto a nutritional plan and build even more
structure but well add that in layers it’s not about going straight in and
going I’m gonna add step one to five and if I can’t do it all at one time I’m
gonna fail each time you implement like a new step give yourself a scale on a
scale of one to ten go ten being I can fully do this nine being I’m really
comforting to do this five being hmm I think I can do this but it’s going to be
fucking hard don’t give yourself anything that’s on a scale 5 give
yourself each next behavior or step that it’s a nine or ten so you know that you
can fully commit to you that you’re gonna get that success that success is
gonna build in the next you’re gonna build momentum and you’re gonna be able
to start to build these behaviors that’s gonna allow you to become that person
that you really want create strategies create systems create behaviors that
allow you to implement so it’s not overwhelming or disempowering but you
know that each step is something that’s manageable that you know that you can
commit to and that you know that you can do don’t set yourself up for failure
don’t become that 92% of people who fail in 2020 make it yours actions behaviors
if you need any help holler at us we’re always here for you

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