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Why Our Brains Love Junk Food

Carrots or french fries. How are you feeling about this choice And be honest really which would you rather eat? That’s what I thought. Humans love fat and carbohydrates. Why? Because they have a lot of energy in them and energy is what we need to do all of the stuff that we humans do. But we’re omnivores, we can get our energy from meat, grains, vegetables, nuts, tubers, fruit we are extremely versatile animal compared to like a cow which is pretty much stuck eating grass or a lion which has no business eating anything other than raw meat. So we can get calories from a bunch of different kinds of foods Why – at a very basic level do we really just wanna eat fat and carbs? Well, it has a lot to do apparently with our evolutionary history. Let’s start with a member of my extended family: Grandma Australopithecus This pretty lady was a direct ancester of the first member of the Genus Homo. She was different than us in a lot of ways: Her brain was 35% size of ours Her stomach was a lot bigger and her teeth were larger, flatter and duller All of these leads us to the conclusion that australopithecus ate mostly fruits, vegetables and tubers The raw fruits and vegetables especially before the agricultural revolution weren’t very high on calories And if that’s all you’re eating it takes a big, patient digestive system to process that So your body is working really hard all day to squeeze every last calorie out of your not very energy rich food, something’s gotta give and for australopithecus it meant having you know, kind of a tiny brain ‘Cause brains require lots of calories It wasn’t until australopithecus’ direct decendant Homo Habilus came along, 2 milions years ago (About the time australopithecus went extinct actually) that we’re starting seeing smaller more, efficient guts smaller teeth and a brain about 50% bigger than australopithecus’. These clues coupled with the fact that this is around when Habilus began to control fire, suggests that they were able to cook. And that means they were suddenly able to eat meat without worrying about dying of nasty, festering meat disease And they were suddenly able to unlock all sorts of hidden, delicious energy from the vegetables that are pretty stingy when they’re raw So since then every species in the Genus Homo from Habilus to Homo Sapiens have had larger and larger brains, thanks in part to increasingly high energy diets These huge brains of ours are expensive, and we’ve needed a bunch of fat and calories for them to evolve, not to mention just to maintain them So because our brains are not stupid, they’ve evolved love the living crap out of high energy food And now look at us! We can eat a doughnut hamburger whenever we want to because we’re the kings of the frickin’ earth! And our brains, they’re like: YEAH! In fact some studies have revealed that eating high fat food not only activates our brain’s pleasure centres, it also activates the touch centres So our brains respond to eating fatty, high calorie foods the same way we respond to hugs from our moms! Literally comfort food! But even though our brains are totally prump the grocery stores are now packed full of sweet, sweet Snicker bars, the rest of our bodies are like: “I’m so tired of dealing with all of this nougat. HELP US!!” Which is why, even though a carrot doesn’t look as good, you should eat it! Your body…will thank you! Thank you for watching this episode of SciShow, if you have any questions or ideas or comments or thoughts for us, please leave them down below Or on Facebook or Twitter and if you wanna continue getting smarter with us, go to youtube.com/SciShow, and subscribe! This episode is brought to you by nutritious things…not by fries! Just to be clear.

100 thoughts on “Why Our Brains Love Junk Food

  1. can you do a video about low-carb vs high-carb?. from the research i've done i have come to the conclusion that a high carb low fat diet is better for the human body and brain than LCHF.

  2. You know how we get urges for certain foods? Do you think that would be caused by lack of minerals contained in the certain food ? And if so, how would that account for the fact that we don't like some foods at all? Do we have enough of it in our bodies that we don't need the minerals and therefore our body rejects the thought of that food or is it just the design of our taste buds?

  3. I chose the fries because I don't like carrots… If it was broccoli instead, screw fries!

    -the only broccoli loving twelve year old in earth.

  4. Ah yes! It makes perfect sense! Our brains "evolve" toward what we really need and what furthers our evolution and will ensure our existence! That's why we love junk food, and pot, and heroin, and alcohol, and….wait, that doesn't make sense. Evolution favors our destruction? What a silly video indeed!

    The truth is there are no scientific explanations as to why we love junk food other than a cheeseburger tastes way better than a carrot. FAT TASTES GOOD! It tastes good not because our brains know we need carbs, but because fat induces different responses chemically on the tongue and in our systems than other foods. We're also induce chemically by processed food manufactures to love their foods artificially. No big mystery here, and it has nothing to do with evolution at all. We get videos like this when we try to fit real life into fantasy.

  5. Than fry the carrots. Julienne cut them, than fry with your choice of oil. On a separate cup prepare some yogurt sauce by whipping some yogurt, 2-3 cloves of grated garlic, olive oil and salt. pour over your fried carrots. Bon appetite. Much tastier than french fries, and still carrots. (you can do the same with eggplants, zucchinis, whatever vegetable you see fit)

  6. People keep saying they wants carrots over fries and I'm just like…

    🎶 Why the fuck you lyiin'?
    🎶Why you always lyin'?
    🎶 Mmmm Oh my God!
    🎶Stop fuckin' lyin'!

  7. People keep saying they wants carrots over fries and I'm just like…

    🎶 Why the fuck you lyiin'?
    🎶Why you always lyin'?
    🎶 Mmmm Oh my God!
    🎶Stop fuckin' lyin'!

  8. Carrots are just too unpredictable. You never know if you're going to get something sweet and delicious or if you're going to get something nasty and bitter. Usually, you just end up with pure blandness.

  9. the fries are prepared, the carrots are not. I would much rather eat roasted carrots with seasonings than fries. don't get me wrong, I love fries, I'd choose them over the raw carrot any day. but it's not quite a fair fight to pit a food that's already cooked and ready to eat against raw food that doesn't even look washed yet.

  10. The brain demands fat foods because it loves it, the rest of the body screams in pain with every bite. Not literally, though.

  11. "I swear this is going to be the last SciShow video of today…"
    finishes video
    clicks on another SciShow video
    There are so much videos like tf help me

  12. I eat nothing but fast food for 15 days straight,doesn't even gain a pound…STOP MAKING FUN OF ME OK! I'M JUST SHORT AND SKINNY THIS WAY! XD

  13. I'm not fond of raw carrots but if it was 'broccoli or fries' i'd eat the broccoli , only if it was steamed. or a banana, im nto a big fry person sry. now if it was Chesse cake or broccoli… id pick cheese cake.

  14. i am really a fast foood guy and i eat way too much of it but if i had the choice between fries and carrots i would eat the carrots
    fries on their own are fucking gross jeez

  15. Raw carrots? No. But grilled veggies – i eat a mountain of those things before i'd touch french fries.

  16. Why is everyone saying they would want to eat the carrots? Just because it's not good for you doesn't mean that it isn't good for your taste buds! I mean, carrots are good, but French fries!

  17. I once wondered about why we crave the foods that are bad for us and realized that in a survival situation you would live longer on meat, fat and salt because you need the salt, protien and energy, but never realized it was due partly to brain size as well.

  18. I love carrots but I can't stand them if they are cooked. I can only eat most vegetables raw. With a lot of ranch. And I mean A LOT of ranch…

  19. that's just unfair. You purposely put fries there because that's what I'm gonna be having for dinner in like an hour.

  20. Carrots or fries? I'll take both because I'm a pregnant garbage disposal lol. Been craving and eating carrots every day for some reason..

  21. Donuts. Both fat and carbohydrates, and sugar, and artificial flavorings and artificial coloring.

    And the always fantastic preservatives.

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