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11 thoughts on “Why See A Dietitian? What Do They Do?

  1. Great Video! Do you think it's possible to recover from an eating disorder with a dietician and a therapist but no support from home?xxx

  2. I haven't actually met my dietician. When I started treatment with my current therapist I was totally against the idea. Having had no luck with the previous ones. But we came up with a compromise she and the dietician work out my meal plan and if I have any issues with it I discuss it with my therapist. Which helps because I get to see the week ahead and prepare myself for any obstacles. The downside is there is no negotiating. But that would probably happen regardless.

  3. I wish i had a dietitian. My therapist deals with it, so i never challenge myself and my attitude around food is still very rigid and i only eat certain foods. I also dont have a calorie goal, so i dont eat ANYWHERE near enough. In england its all free and i can only speak for my CAMHS, elsewhere in england it maybe different. But i wish i had a dietitian to work with my attitude towards food!

  4. we have a dietitian at CAMHS, but thats more to sort out a meal plan, I have a meal plan from the dietitian and my therapist will say add some yogurt in there or add some fruit there etc. I have "homework" this week to find some food high in protein and starchy foods and we're playing around with that, then bring the dietitian back in to give me more ideas. 🙂

  5. took the first step and called my insurance to get the providers list… and they told me they dont cover it… so up set… *hopeless* >:'(

  6. i so "low" right now it so hard to do any thing for myself… the only person that can do things "make appts. and such" is me.. and i don't have the money for that right now… my fam will not pay for any type of meds. or doc bills for me.. so it just me.. not complaining about it.. just what it is.. *shrugs*

  7. I don't know if I'm extremely happy, or annoyed or upset, but my dietitian seems like she's never going to make me eat fear foods and I'm too scared to bring it up because I'm worried then she'll make me start. I don't know what to do.

  8. Veganism in treatment..this is for humanitarian reasons…I have only been vegetarian then vegan for four years but had my ed for 45….since obviously, I was little when first introduced to "Ana"….this has been explained to me, it doesn't matter…its hurtful…and I think the individualized treatment on this level is beyond frustrating. I even had dropped a therapist that though she stated I had an all-or-nothing personality…she exhibited the same thing as a condition of my treatment by her…like wth? So individualized treatment…yeah right….I'm praying that I can get someone to understand where I'm coming from and understanding that its humanitarian reasons…Let me tell you when this die-hard country girl (Nashville, TN) gives away her $3000 worth of boots, you have to know its not food…when you give away leather jackets, anything that was not cruelty free.had to go…including all new makeup..(Clinique/Este Lauder) , Kate Spade bags , etc….gone….do you know how much I love and adore KS….seriously!!! soo when they say, nope its the ED …and don't listen to my side of things ….that's when I'm just done. I'm desperate for this to work , but if I can't trust them to listen and help me, how can I put my trust in them for my recovery?? Yes, it boils down to trust…since before 4, I now know, nope…none…Help Kati

  9. I very gasing is normal to have? I start more calories in my diet but add probiotuc at my dietician me to get.

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