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Another group of macro nutrients are proteins
and proteins are essential and we need to have a good amount everyday. Protein is important for the structural components
of the body like muscle and tendons. It’s also important and makes up the substances
which are involved in the chemical reactions in the body for examples some of the hormones,
enzymes involved in digestion and other metabolic processes and the immunoglobulins of the immune
system. We need good sources of protein everyday. Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the simplest unit of protein
and there are hundreds in nature. But there are 20 key ones that are involved
in protein synthesis and 9 of these are essential. So we need to have foods that contain these
9 amino acids in appreciable amounts everyday. Some plant proteins are low in some of these
9 essential amino acids so that’s why its bets to have a combination of more than one
plant protein everyday to make sure you get a good amount of these plant proteins. If you want more in depth information on protein
please read our article on huel.com called ‘A guide to protein, digestion and absorption’. Hope you’ve found this video interesting if
you’ve got any other questions or any other topics you want me to discuss please get in
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