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45 thoughts on “You Are Wrong! Your Hip Arthritis Pain Can Get Better!

  1. Leaning out over knee can do damage to knee. Keep 90 degrees of knee, move other leg back and drop pelvis…safer and just as effective.
    17 yrs teaching yoga, alignment focused….love the rest of the moves.

  2. I broke and dislocated my hip almost 30 years ago. The dull ache was slowly getting worse until I started running. All pain is now mostly gone (and there were 5 marathons in between then and now). Not sure if I recommend marathons though. They pretty much suck. The hip seems OK though.

  3. How much were you payed for your latest CBD episode? You guys had my respect and sold out with misinformation from the pharmaceutical industry about CBD. Atleast try it and have something to say.

  4. I had total hip replacement surgery a year ago. The doc didn't recommend any physical therapy. Other than walking. He said it was a difficult surgery that took him twice as long as usual. He also told me I would not be able to go back to heavy house cleaning or gardening for 18 months – 2 years! I supposedly now have bursitis. Have had 4 steroid shots. I'm experiencing far too much pain. Should i try these exercises you are suggesting? I want my life back. I'm only 66 years old.

  5. I love you guys. Your videos have helped my body heal. You guys have the weirdest chemistry and your back stories seem dark and just short of boiling to the surface. You must have been friends for years! Don't forget to get out and smell the roses.

  6. Well, MRI showed severe arthritis in hip and i can NOT even do the first one or a figure 4. My knee only comes up so far on hip flexion, actually can't do any of them. Got referred to a hip surgeon after extensive PT

  7. I am having off and on pain on the outside of my left leg, mostly at the distal part of the calf , but no ankle pain sometime pain in that left hip.Can you suggest some exercise?

  8. Hey Bob and Hi Brad,
    I have little knots in my lower back/ back of my hips. I can move them and they dont really hurt. I think my hips are also alittle put of allignment. Do I have to do something about it? What are those knots?

  9. I've only in the last year gotten tight in my hips, despite all my work at the gym — weight lifting and stretching — and I'm not sure what's changed.

  10. I have been suffering with hip pain my whole life. I was born with dislocated hips and had to wear a harness for almost two years as a baby. I had a doctor tell me the hip pain was juvenile arthritis when I was 16. I’m scared how bad the pain will get the older I get.

  11. Bob & Brad… I enjoy your videos. Thank you! I also enjoy the “friendly ribbing/friendly joking” between you both! 😬👍 🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. Enough magnesium to keep the colon clear dramatically eases pain (without pharmaceutical painkillers) which increases range of motion; a cumulative positive effect cycle

  13. thanks so much for these videos. i have terrible hip pain whenever i squat and these videos help me so much to deal with it

  14. great thanks! is eating natto and or bamboo the best thing to avoid getting our bones broken with age? and in particular the hip?

  15. Those stretches are very helpful. I do them daily, along with the pendulum swing exercise. Have severe arthritis and bone spurs in my left hip and I have noticed improvement. Oh, and keep rambling on!

  16. thanks -with hip replacement maybe wont try these – wish I could still hang upside down – but with no pain anymore -worth it

  17. I won't go into my history….but I can't even cross my ankles, much less get my ankle up onto my knee. Where do I start??

  18. Hey. I've had pectus excavatum chest repair and because of the pain i wasn't able to walk straight. My kyphosis is now really bad, i watched your videos on how to exercise but i can't do most of the exercises, for example laying down. Because i'm still in strong pain. Will walking straight cure my kyphosis?

  19. Hi, this isn't relevant to this particular video but was hoping for an answer. I hurt my right shoulder about 4 months ago doing an isolation overhead press (so trying to move an immovable object, stupid idea). Next day my shoulder was throbbing, very painful, but the pain subsided after a couple of weeks. Anyway, I can't do heavy pressing movements, like bench press, without a pinching sensation in the front of my shoulder. I can do pressing movements with light weight, but as soon as I go too heavy I get a pinching pain that forces me to stop, not because of the pain, but just don't want to cause any more damage or a tear. It's very frustrating and was wondering what could be causing it.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any ideas.

  20. I have a THR on the right and a TKR on the left. Can I do these stretches? I am having problems with the R hip. Please guy could you address those of us with replacements in your wonderful video's. I an only 60 and had these replacements for over 10 years, am still super active.

  21. Can you repair a horribly painful HIP without surgery? Yes, I had a laminectomy from T2 – C4, 10 years ago (or there abouts) . L4 – L5 is a bulging disk. Now I'm told my right hip is 100% arthritic I need a replacement. HELP.

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