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Your Child’s Phone is a Junk Food Marketer (2/2)

Where do kids see junk food marketing
online? Let’s find out. Young Oscar’s got a message from Danny.
It’s a link to a new music video but when he clicks on it, he’s first got to watch this junk food advert, which asks him to upload a picture of himself holding the new burger. Finally he gets to watch the video, then he’s invited to like the band on social media. Their social media page has a sponsored post for chocolate, a fun game where you can win a month’s supply of chocolate and the more chocolate you collect, the higher your score. There are some laws
against marketing junk food to children and young people on the telly, but those laws don’t apply online. To find out more about who’s feeding your kids online,
head to OpenLearn, the home of free learning from The Open University.

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