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You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!

I know what cats
want, cats want. Cats want meat. Come on, yo, let’s
get cat-ified. Woo. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s talk about free feeding. Come on now, people. To feed all the time or not,
the concept of free feeding. Free feeding means leaving
food out for your cats 24/7. It also means doling
out treats 24/7 as well. I want to break this
down into two places. The first thing is
physical, and the other one is psychologically
slash behaviorally. Free feeding undermines
the work that we try to do. Physically, we are playing into
better health with these guys by not free feeding them. They are built to
eat small meals through the course of a day. I’d say every five to
six hours is optimum. You push it a little
bit, that’s fine. Cats are not grazers by nature. Cats are not built
to just eat whenever. They are built to do what? Hunt, catch, kill, and eat food. Food is available to them after
they do a certain activity. If it’s always there 24/7, it
messes with the raw cat brain. You’re experiencing behavior
problems in your house. You’re asking me to
break it down for you. What’s going on in my house? One of the first places I’ll
tell you to look is food. Think about it if your
cat has litter box issues, peeing or pooping
outside the box. If you control when they eat,
you have a fighting chance to figure out when they’re
going to go to the litter box and then helping them
get to the litter box. So there’s that as well. You got to remember, folks, cats
are not programmed like dogs. Cats do not give a
rip about pleasing us. So if a cat doesn’t
care about pleasing us, we have to start
addressing something they do want in order
to get what we want. Yes. Living with cats is
embracing compromise. There are so many things
that we can accomplish, but only if we’re feeding meals. We can achieve
incredible things. Your homework, should
you choose to accept it, get your cats off the
free feeding bandwagon. Put them on the
meal time bandwagon because I got to
tell you, if you’ve got any other
questions– Jackson, I’ve got a cat
who dot, dot, dot. I want to get my cat
to dot, dot, dot. It starts with that. I want to see your comments. I want to see you
guys subscribe. I want to keep growing
this thing, man. Facebook wise, what are
we, like, half a million strong at this point? And we want to see
pictures, and we want to see videos and
stories about your cats. This is what makes the
cat-ification nation. So people, get on board. Don’t forget. Wednesday, March 26 four o’clock
PM on the west coast, seven o’clock PM on the east
coast and wherever else you are in the world,
live from the cat cave, it is a Google Hangout. I’ll answer your questions. We’ll talk about all
kinds of fun stuff. I’ve got a new
co-host that I can’t wait to introduce to you guys. And it will be fun. Take my word for it. Find out more information by
following this link down here below. Go to my website, YouTube page. You’ll find out more info. Don’t forget, we are also giving
away some fun stuff as well. But you got to be
live to get the prize, and you got to be live
to ask your questions. And you get my drift, right? So I want to see you there. The season premiere
of “My Cat From Hell” on April 26, Saturday. Please set your
sun dials for that. It’ll be a lot of fun. This season we’re in Boston,
Austin, San Diego, LA. Bang, it’s been a
lot of fun, man. And I want to share
that with you guys. So don’t forget. Leave your comments. Leave your questions. And join me on March 26
for live from the cat cave. Until then, folks, for Oliver,
my friend the feral over there, and me, all light, all love. Mmm, mojo to you. Love you, guys. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!

  1. My cat is pushing 20lbs and he is really heavy It’s so hard to know how much he should be given especially since the nutrition facts on cat food are nowhere to be found on the bags. What is appropriate for them to be eating

  2. I saw this little cat outside a few days ago, riddled with fleas and ear mites. Found out my aunt had just started giving him some medicine for both of those problems and is taking him for shots and a neuter in a few days. I have decided to adopt him, I need a companion and he needs a stable home. I am going to try my very best to follow your example with him. I have named him Bright, because when I met him, I was having a rough day and he just brightened my mood instantly. His temperament is very sweet as well. He jumped into my lap after only a few minutes of getting to know me. He also gave me a good snuggle. Hehe.

    I have been wanting a companion for a while but I was unsure if I was good enough for a cat. I have blindness and am low income so I worry about being a good owner and having what a cat needs. I decided to take him in because I honestly believe that having a cat is more than picking out a cute one at a pet store. I think it is all about the bond you form and he formed one with me very quickly. Its been about 4 days since I met him and I go see him every day now. I can't officially take him home until the 19th though so he is still outside, which worries me.

  3. Jackson , my kitten is 2 months old and she is weak. She asks for food after like 2 hours. The vet asked me to feed her every 6 hours but she wont let me rest until i give her food every 2 hours or so. Now she isn't healthy at all and i wanna see her gain some weight but she sleeps wakes up plays with me eats and sleeps again. What can i feed her every 6 hours so that her appetite isn't disturb and she gains weight .

  4. Im not home most of the day have a 9 week old kitten trying to reach her how not to attack me at night or whenever busy …

  5. What about location? Is it good to change the location of where you put your bowl for Cat when it’s feeding time? I just assumed to keep it the same place as I have a place that’s elevated enough for him so he’s not spraining his neck when he eats.

  6. Omg cats and Dogs are hard work – thanks for your show its informative – can cats cope with a shift worker?

  7. My 16lbs beautiful cat has serious Inflammatory problems. He poops something horrible. And has had an unknown allergy that caused him so much pain and we finally got control of his problems so he's much happier and no longer in pain, but we do free-feeding and always have. His diet is very strict, but I'm thinking stopping the free feeding may help him IMMENSELY. I'm going to get right on this. I'll let you know how he does.

  8. 5-6 hours is fucking crazy. Who has time to feed animal regularly through the day? Oh yeah. Unemployed liberals. You treat your animals better than yourself.

  9. Can you make a video where you give people like me tips. My cat is very skinny and i can’t get her to gain more weight
    The vet i work with said that it’s better to free feed her because when i didn’t she started loosing the weight she had gained. She has been checked with everything and it comes from her past abuse that involved starvation to the point where was close to dying when we found her. She’s a picky eater and a maine coon and should weigh around 5-6 kg but it’s like she stopped gaining weight after we hit 3.5 kg. I walk her almost every day on a leash, but i train her by teaching her tricks and repeating the 17 she knows so far. And i made some jumps and different activities for her and on top of that she has a huge cat tree that takes up just as much room as my entire bed. She never goes outside her litter box and is the best cat ever. But i use a harness for a rabbit to her because the cat ones are too loose.

    The stuff she eats is:
    Royal canin kitten:
    Wet food with gravy
    Dry kibble
    Freeze dried chicken
    Freeze dried tuna
    Chicken liquid snack 2-3 snacks a day (1 is with her medication in the morning and the rest when we train)
    Cat grass in the winter because she doesn’t come out then
    She’s very active so i can’t get her to weigh more than she does. It’s like she stopped gaining weight while she was stilling growing. Can you please make a video about how you get a picky eating cat to gain weight. My heart breaks every time i’m told that i’m starving my princess and i do everything i can for her

  10. I’ve had many cats and I have feed them like this for years!! You are so very right. Love your channel!!!

  11. I always have her dry food available throughout the day. And she only gets one can of her wet food a day and that’s typically at night time before bed.

  12. I have 2 kittens first cats ive owned. So far so good i do free feeding and so far they are such good cats dont scratch or bite. They are about 6. Months old i just hope they stay like this.

  13. i give my cat her dinner and she eats half of it and before she finishes the second half she always requests some play time first

  14. Jackson, we have a 9/10 week old kitten and our vet advised us to free feed and allow him to eat as much as he wants. Is free feeding okay for kittens and if so, at what age do you recommend transitioning to scheduled meal times?

  15. We do put down fresh food at specific times only a pouch at a time but we dont pick it back up if they dont eat it all at once, it is usually gone by the following morning. We dont appear to have any behavioural issues with the 3x 18yr old kittens.. really gentle friendly mittens, even the special needs one that is virtually blind. They love cuddles. We dont give treats certainly.not daily. partly because one of them is allergic to fish, they sometimes get fresh cooked meat scraps (maybe once a week).

  16. I feed my 2 cats 3 small meals a day. How can I get them to stop the incessant meowing the starts about half an hour to 45 minutes before mealtime? I'm so close to trying free feeding just to get them to stop.

  17. Hi brother my cat is not taking food she drinks lot of water what should i do please suggest any remedy and she have cough too

  18. Is it enough to feed a kitten only twice a day? I fear she will be too hungry if I leave her without food for 8-10 hours while I work. I'm so happy i saw this after only a couple days of owning Monkey! I'll have to figure something out so she gets enough food in that time. Suggestions?

  19. do you have any vid with advise for deaf cats? I have two one is deaf and she is 1 months but her brother is 3 years old… They are friends but i am trying to find some details and tips on how we can all live better together

  20. Since people are free feeding themselves in USA, it is impossible for them accepting a proper meal time for their cats.

  21. We’ve been free feeding our 3 cats since they were born , we’re going to try and switch to scheduled feeding ….

  22. What do I do about a neighbour who feeds my cats and gives them treats against my will. I have asked her and I have told her not to feed my cats but she still does. Short of keeping them indoors where she can't feed them and limiting my cats freedom to come and go what can I do?

  23. I know someone who worked as a vet tech, and she said cats are grazers…guess she's wrong. Not all vet nurses/techs, or even vets know everything. I mean, hey, they push Hills Science and Royal Canin.

  24. i feed 2 strays 2 times a day wet food plus i give a handfull of dry food for both cats twice in between, 1 is 4 months old and the other is 1 years old. so basically, first i feed them at 1900, 1 pouch for kitten and 2 pouches of wet food for 1 year old, then i give them dry food at 2300 and 0200 and finally in the morning at 0500 i feed them wet food same again, i have to keep to this feeding schedule as i work nights.

  25. I've been free feeding my cat since I got her back in October. She only munches occasionally throughout the day. She's not fat by any means. She gets lots of play time. She's super active. I haven't found it to be an issue, but all cats are different.

  26. I have dry out for my cats all the time but meat is at dinner time when they get locked in for the night

  27. My cat gets raw chicken along with normal chicken thats cold as a meal everyday, with salmon oil on it, and sometimes when thats there, she would still rather have her dry food.

  28. My cats cant handle wet food. And they refuse to eat when food is put down. So frustratinggggg!!! I cant get one to loose weight for fear of starving the other! The fat one is such a bully! >:(((

  29. I feed my cat wet food once a day with a few teeth-cleaning treats throughout the day. My issue is that they are over excited for dinner time every time. Jumping & climbing up legs, screeching and meowing, running in circles, trying to get into the food while I'm opening the can. If I left dry out they would eat it all in one sitting no matter how much was left out. How do I make my cats chill out about meal time & not constantly scratch and meow at food bins and freak out when I do feed them?

  30. Jackson i've got a cat who meowing all night and day, i didnt know when she sleep and my father thought it bcs of mating season, it is true?? so what should i do to stop her from meowing??

  31. I have a 3 month old kitten. She's my baby and I've been watching all your vidéos to try to make her as happy as possible, and I must say I am a huge fan of your work. However, when I told my vet about meal time insted of freefeeding, she said that you shouldn't do that when cats are under 1 year old because they are still growing rapidly and that my girl was quit on the skinny side. It wasn't too bad and now she is fine, but I can't be the only one making this mistake.

    That's why I am wrighting to you, because I am worried some people might malnurish their kittens trying to instal meal time. I do think you advice about meal time is good only it doesn't apply to kittens who need to eat as much as possible, like baby humans. So I am asking you to rectify the information and also give us a few solutions on how to feed our adult cats 4 times per day while we are at work (automatic feeders?) because some people trying to follow this advice might do it wrong and some cat's health might be at risk.

    Also on the topic of kitten nutrition, my vet told me that she has meny kittens who won't put on weight because they won't eat dry foods, which are too hard and the pièces are too big. This could also help meny kittens if you could mention this.

  32. Hi, I have a 2yr old male cat I'd like to get off the free feeding schedule with dry food but pate in the morning & night. If I don't feed him he will meow aggressively. I'm going to school in a couple weeks so if anyone's got any tips I'd be forever grateful.

  33. I got a an alarm that goes off, or vibrates every 4-6 hours, till 10 pm. Then it's a few treat's at night. This work's purfectly

  34. My cat always has dry foid and water but she asks for fresh or wet when she wants it then go's out in the garden but when she needs her litter box comes in she us only out in the day time

  35. I just got a six week old kitten and I already have a one year old cat. My kitten is showing food agressive. I do no free feed. But the smaller car is bullying my older cat now I don't know how to stop small cat (Pauly) from bullying big cat (Alex) it's teaching Alex to hiss now. Should I feed separate rooms? Different dishes?

  36. So many had no overweight cats! IRL, I know so many overweight cats, and had one or two myself.

    I used to free feed, because that is what you did. I don't anymore, mostly because I have my cats on a wet food diet, and you can't leave out wet food.

  37. My kitten wants to drink out of the toilet. I feel that is not healthy.
    We put the lid down all the time now. She stands on toilet lid & cries.
    She turns over her water bowl. If I feel sorry for her, feeling she may get dehydrated & fill up water bowl,
    She turns it over again.
    Help! Tug of war going on.

  38. Jackson I always was a huge fan of your show cat from hell but no I have two coats of my other sisters by the litter they used to be best friends and one day out of the sudden I don’t know what happened but they hate each other they’re scratching that biting one another and I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt or am I had to get rid of one of them and I don’t want to do that because my babies and I love Bob can you please give me some tips on how to thanks this thank you

  39. I free feed because i worry im not going to be around on the scheduled times, i think its more important to wash the bowls daily. I think if cats are not grazers, then whats the issue? I love my cat but she's not my life. I leave my front door open during the day so she can roam around in the sun, she loves rolling around on the concrete, and of course running thru the bush like a crazed kitty that she is. Shes always indoors in the evening as she enjoys her home comforts too. Some things I agree with Jackson but this is not one of them.

  40. Jackson… I would love to hear what you have to say about "toxoplasmosis"… I love cats but things like this only make me very sad, mainly because there is no real cure to it, like a vaccine,,… (honestly i am still in denial about it existing but it never hurts to take precautions;;) I would love to know how I could protect myself while being able to love my furry friends to the fullest…!

  41. Help! I’ve switched to a schedule but my cat absolutely refuses to eat anything. She must be really hungry but just won’t eat. We’re introducing new cats very slowly which will be a factor. Help?

  42. My grammy feeds my aunt's cat so often and I HATE it so much. The cat is really, really overweight and she hates her belly being touched (I know cats don't like that anyways, but I'm not sure if it has to do with her weight too). If I pick her up, sometimes her joints crack or pop. She hates her back legs being touched. She is 9 years old, and her name is Penelopy. My grammy doesn't care if she's overfeeding her!! >:(

  43. I have a 12 week old kitten, ive been free feeding him since i got him about a week ago, i notice hes gaining quite the belly so im nervous about health problems as he gets older, however i work 10 hours a day 5 days a week, so im gone about 12 hours out of the day, so there's no one else to feed him while im gone, what do you recommend since im not able to feed him on that schedule of every 6 hours??

  44. We feed our cats twice a day. My cat has a habit of getting on the counter whenever food is left out(even if it is just fresh bread that is cooling) and this has been causing problems with me and my roommates. I’m wondering if splitting it up further into three meals a day might help, but it’s something I would have to get my roommates to work with me on, which feels like an impossible feat sometimes.

  45. What schedule is best? Or how to pick one?
    What about the amount?
    I want to adopt a cat so I want to be fully informed 😀

  46. My 5 months old kitten (at the time) had a lot of behavioural issues for the first 40 days or so after adopting him. After I stopped freefeeding him he became much more well-behaved and much easier to train

  47. I cut free feeding and put a small bowl dry food in the morning and give him wet food in the evening. He’s a little fat and super cute. I’m wanting to move him over to a complete raw diet and have started playing with him more. Im about home catification and giving him the best life possible. He’s 4. He’s my dog’s buddy.

  48. My cat has no other issues other than eating plastic. I've free choiced my cat and so has my mom and we never had behavioral issues.

  49. My cat was free fed but with me she isn’t free fed, but she is having difficulty transitioning and will steal the dog food(the dog gets regular meals but sometimes prefers grazing ). Any tips for transitioning to scheduled feeding from free feeding?

  50. We found an abandon 4 week old kitten. She is now 6 weeks old and eating wet food mixed with dry food. Now all of a sudden she has become food aggressive. I can barely get the food on her plate without her jumping on her food, growing, and swatting. HELP! How do I change her behavior???

  51. Anybody see videos from Jackson about making mealtime satisfying? My former street cat is a beggar and behaves like he is frantic and desperate around food. He has reached his goal weight, if I keep giving him extra nibbles he'll get fat.

  52. Is it harmful to free feed my cats only the amount they should have in a day? I’ve done that since I was a kid and I never really thought about it too much.

  53. I free feed, but it actually works out somehow. They hunt the birbs at the birdfeeder, then eat. I do canned food in the morning, and free feed hard food and treats. They are both healthy weights. I do this because I am almost totally bed ridden and it's about all I can manage. My mom does the same thing, and two of her babies are getting dangerously overweight. It clearly isn't a good routine for them.

  54. Feeding cats every five to six hours is a great idea…unless you happen to live alone and work long hours. I'm frequently gone for 10 straight hours and I'm not going to leave 8 cats home alone with no dry food out.

  55. I have a ragdoll cat and I've been spending lots of money on my I have 4 of them the ragdoll cat decided to stop eating because she did he didn't like the food so I spoon feed my cat

  56. My vet says Cats like it when you stick your finger in their bums once in a while, it calms them down. Be sure to use some vasoline so your finger will slide in with no problem. Works on males and females

  57. I have a cat who is a male unneutered and we feed him two 1/2 meals a day and all he does is walk around begging for food he attacks us when we have food he meows all day and meows when he sees us eating. I am so annoyed with his behavior. 😒 How does one disipline a cat or train them?

  58. Hi Thank You for these great tips…. My Cat Mr Wonderful is 9 years old , what do you suggest for helping him get off the free feeding he is on ??? Thank You & Hava CatterRiffic Day!!!

  59. Hi There Mr Galaxy ….. Do you have a video on how to make economically friendly winter houses for cat??? The stays I have really tamed and they really like our closed in deck and last year we also cut holes in styrofoam coolers but is there something better ??? I told my boyfriend the styrofoam coolers should also be inside rubbermaid tubs with lids with a cut out for easy in / out accessibility with straw and or hay …. any other suggestions???

  60. I have an F2 Savannah. I just moved to free feeding kibble because of her aggressive behavior towards being fed. She used to wake me up at 6am every morning by meowing and forcing me to wake up by walking hard on my ribcage while I slept. She was up to two cans of food a day and she would possess about food, demanding to get my attention. She would act out by doing irritating things like walking on my computer when i'm on it or stepping on my tv remote to turn it on or off (or even soar the volume) to demand my attention to get me to feed her. Now that I use a kibble – free feeder, she no longer panics to be fed. I really think it depends on the cat, and as far as my cat, she is much happier now. i do clearly get that personally feeding your cat develops a close bond and that being a part of the feeding process develops an unconditional love between you and your family member but if you pay attention to the bond you have together, you can easily figure out if free feeding is right for your cat. That love shouldn't change by you limiting the role you play in feeding your cat. Ive seen many of my friends cats seem to only want to interact with their owners when they're hungry. Thats the key, to develop a strong relationship with your cat outside of just the feeding process.

    Point #2 is that because of the wildness inbred into my cat she burns a ton energy throughout the day. Obesity is a non-issue. If you have a lazy cat that over sleeps, free-feeding is not an option due to health.

  61. ok Jackson I've been thinking about stop free feeding my cat but idk if he can manage, he's 11 years old. i work most of the day and the last time we left a little for him to eat, when it was finish got home fed him and he gulped down the food and then threw it back up undigested. If i start I'm afraid i have to constantly clean up after him. So what do I do?

  62. A very important aspect to all this thats being ignored here is whether you are in a multiple animal home. If there are other animals in the home your cat will tend to over eat because they are paranoid that they'll miss out to another pet. My cat happens to be my only pet, therefore free-feeding seems to work perfectly. She nibbles when she gets a bit hungry and she doesn't stress over food anymore like before. She used to force me to feed her with meows and bad behavior.

  63. I have 2 cats. Both male, brothers. One (Jasper) seems perfectly fine with free feeding. Perfectly accepting to being an inside cat. But my other cat, Max, is needing more. He is now wanting to go outside we keep stopping him. His behavior shows me that he needs to be satisfied with more as an indoor cat. So please suggest tips on how to start feeding him, how to make it seem like a hunt for him. Im building him a cat tower to give him the climbing fun he needs. I thought that maybe I'll put his food at the top sometimes.. Im taking small steps to make his life more acceptable. He had access to windows to see outside. Im just needing to know the way to feed him, to satisfy his wild side.

  64. The amount of "I do this and i have none of the consequences" and "wow, guess im lucky my cat dosent do this wooooow!".

    You are all full of shit and you know it. There is no way your just got here asses are rewiring hundreds of years of evolutionary growth and food associations for the cat species.

    CATS-ARE-NOT-GRAZERS. PERIOD. Stop thinking your cat thinks along human means. Im currently living with a cat that's eating itself to death daily because her parents think they are the best cat owners ever. Cat intervene because shes not mine and its it's horrible to watch her waddle halfway down the halfway and stop because she's so damn fat.

    Put your damn pride aside and listen to the man, most folks PAY for his insight and time. You chuckle heads are getting prime tips for free and all you can do is stroke your own egos in the comments section? What about your cat though?

  65. Started feeding my boy 4 times a day and he’s mood has changed sooo much! He’s relaxed, much more sociable and follows rules better . He’s always been super cuddly but now he’s even sweeter 🙌🏻

  66. I've been free feeding both of mine for years

    They only eat every like, find hours

    They don't just gorge themselves in it

  67. I leave a bowl of dry food out all day and feed my cat wet food 3 times a day at about 5 hours apart. the dry food is good for her dental hygene but she gets the main nutrition, water and food source from the wet food. i also made sure to find high quality dry food without grain or berries or fruit with a high meat percentage. you'd be surprised how hard it is to find good quality dry food in germany, it honestly makes me really angry how companies are allowed to get away with it and charge an extreme amount of money for low quality food

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